A drop in the ocean: sustainable living + zero waste shop

We believe sầu that living lightly on the planet should be fun, beautiful, colorful, và - most importantly - it should make your life easier. One small action at a time.

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You"ve probably heard the term "greenwashing" before, but how confident are you with spotting it? What exactly is greenwashing, why bởi companies greenwash, và how do you know when you"re being greenwashed?

Join our virtual worksiêu thị on June 30th where we"ll tackle all of this and more!

Registration is on a sliding scale, $15 to lớn $40. Pay what you can - no judgment or questions asked.


Join the EcoWarriors khổng lồ receive our weekly bite-size, actionable, & practical tips to reduce our impact on our big xanh marble home.Oh yeah, & for birthday surprises, a fantastic community of awesome people like you, và early access to products, discounts, and retreats. If you"re into that kind of thing...

We believe that business should always be used for good.That's why we plant 10 trees with each purchase, and at least 1% of your total is always donated lớn ocean conservation.

In 20trăng tròn, we planted 17,410 trees & donated $1,480 to the ocean.

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We deliver across the South Sound region.

So go ahead, get out on the water; we"ll do the shopping for you.

We envision a sustainable future for all living things.

Our mission is to use business as a driving force for change. We ayên lớn make sustainable living accessible to lớn all, & use our resources to support on-the-ground efforts that further enhance our vision for a sustainable future.

Join our không lấy phí community - the EcoWarrior Pod. A space where curiosity is encouraged, questions are welcomed, information is shared, and inspiration is abundant.

Subscribe lớn the Make Waves Mondays newsletter for weekly tips and tricks to lớn live sầu lighter on the planet.