A Far Cry From Meaning

Definition: One thing is very different from something else.

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People often use this expression to emphasize how drastically dissimilar two things are.

Origin of A Far Cry From

This expression is based on its literal meaning. A far cry originally meant a distance that was too far lớn hotline across easily. This means that even if a person were shouting to lớn someone else, it would be hard to lớn hear because they were so far away from each other.

The idea behind the figurative sầu meaning is that two things that are far away are most likely very different from each other.

Examples of A Far Cry From

In the example below, two siblings are fighting over an agreement they made earlier.

Jordan: I can’t believe you adopted this dog without telling me.

James: What are you talking about? We agreed we would adopt a dog over five sầu years ago.

Jordan: I know! But we agreed we would adopt a rescued greyhound.

James: I did adopt a rescued dog.

Jordan: You adopted a Chihuahua, which is almost the smallest dog that you could have sầu found! A Chihuahua is a far cry from a greyhound. Greyhounds are huge!

James: I’m sorry! I didn’t think the form size of the dog was important.

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Jordan: Of course it’s important! I could step on this dog và kill it!

In the second dialogue, two coworkers are worried about losing their jobs.

Herman: Today is the day that we learn which accountants will be let go.

Allison: I keep telling you not to lớn worry.

Herman: Maybe I can transfer lớn your department.

Allison: But I’m a physical therapist.

Herman: So?

Allison: Being a physical therapist is a far cry from being an accountant! You would need a medical background.

Herman: You’re right. Sorry. I’m just nervous.

More Examples

This excerpt is about one restaurant that has much higher prices than another, & a very different style of food.

The second excerpt is about an athlete who is playing much better now than he was last season.


The phrase a far cry from describes two things that are completely distinct và chất lượng from one another. It is often used to lớn emphaform size how different things are from each other.


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