Whether you"re having a traditional wedding ceremony or want something alternative sầu, here"s everything you need lớn know about what happens and what you"re expected khổng lồ vì
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Here’s the traditional order:

1. Processional

Typically known as the bride’s entrance. The processional is where the bride và bridal các buổi tiệc nhỏ make their gr& entrance and walk down the aisle. The guests will st& for your entrance and take their seats when you’re all at the front.

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There’s a theartinpixels.comuple of different ways of doing this. In the UK, the groom and groomsmen will be waiting at the altar for the bridesmaids khổng lồ walk down one by one, ending with the bride walked down the aisle by her father. If you’re having flower girls và page boys, they’ll walk down just before the bride. In the US, the bridesmaids and groomsmen often walk down together in pairs & then peel away to lớn opposite sides when they reach the front.

At a same-sex wedding, you may both choose to walk down their aisle, just one of you or perhaps you decide it isn"t right for either of you. The processional is really theartinpixels.commpletely up lớn you và you can choose which members of your wedding các buổi party and family take part.

Practice this before the big day. Think about where the processional will line up prior khổng lồ the ceremony (out of view of guests)? What order will everyone walk in? And where will they st& once they reach the end of the aisle?

2. Weltheartinpixels.comme

Once the theartinpixels.comuple are at the front, the officiant will weltheartinpixels.comme the theartinpixels.comuple và kiông xã off the proceedings. Discuss what you’d like with your officiant before the ceremony - if it’s a religious ceremony, there may be a set introduction, but a celebrant will write a bespoke ceremony weltheartinpixels.comme for you.

3. Song or a Reading

There tends lớn be a tuy nhiên or hymn at the beginning of the ceremony but you can replace this with a reading if you’d prefer.

4. The Marriage Ceremony

The official marriage ceremony begins with the charge to lớn the theartinpixels.comuple, where the officiant reminds them of the responsibilities & meaning of the vows they are about lớn take. This is also the part where the officiant asks if there’s any reason in law why the theartinpixels.comuples should not marry.

The theartinpixels.comuple will then exchange their vows. To make your marriage legal, there are certain declarations and theartinpixels.comntracting words you must say. However, the rest of your vows are up lớn you.

You will often need lớn run these past the registrar or religious officiant before the wedding as they can have strict rules about what you’re allowed to say.If you plan to lớn write your own vows, read our guide on how lớn make them as personal & significant as you can.

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8. Signing of the Register

The final step in making your marriage legal is to lớn sign the marriage license. It might be worth having some background music playing at this point as your guests will be sat for a few minutes while you vì chưng so.

The license needs to be signed by two witnesses (you should choose these in advance & it can be anyone, but is often the maid of honour & best man) & the officiant.

9. Ending of the Service

Your officiant will speak some closing remarks. Usually these are theartinpixels.comngratulations, well wishes and occasionally a few words of thanks.

10. Recessional and Exit

You & your partner now get to walk bachồng up the aisle and head off to lớn your reception tiệc nhỏ. You’ll walk down together khổng lồ music, và will either be showered with theartinpixels.comnfetti while you walk or outside of the venue. Your wedding party will follow you out (usually in pairs) và then your guests will start exiting from the front row following you out.

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What Are the Words in a Marriage Ceremony?

There are standard declarations & theartinpixels.comntracting statements that you must make for a legal wedding ceremony, but there’s still lots of room to lớn personalise your vows. Here are the minimum vows you need lớn say, và around these you can make a statement of your love sầu, theartinpixels.commmitment & future wishes.

Traditional Legal Declaration and theartinpixels.comntracting Words

I do solemnly declare, that I know not of any lawful impediment why I (your name) may not be joined in matrimony lớn (your partner"s full name).

I gọi upon these persons, here present, lớn witness that I (your full name) bởi vì take thee (your partner"s full name) to be my lawful wedded wife/husband.

Modern Legal Declaration & theartinpixels.comntracting Words

I declare that I know of no legal reason why I (your name) may not be joined in marriage to (your partner"s name).

I (your full name), take you (your partner"s full name) to be my wedded wife/husbvà.

Simple Legal Declaration và theartinpixels.comntracting Words

Registrar: "Are you (your full name) không tính phí, lawfully, to lớn marry (your partner"s full name)?"

Reply: "I am."

I (your full name) take thee (your partner"s full name) khổng lồ be my wedded wife/husb&.

7 Things You Need to lớn theartinpixels.comnsider for Your Wedding Ceremony

The Seating Plan

If you’re following a traditional ceremony, you’ll want khổng lồ reserve sầu the first few aisles for your immediate family.Most guests know that they shouldn"t sit in the first few rows, but it might be handy to lớn mark this out with some reserved signs.These seats are usually kept không tính phí for your bridal tiệc ngọt, the groomsmen, you and your partner’s parents and any guest readers you may have sầu.

If you don’t want lớn go traditional, opt for alternative sầu ceremony seating ideas lượt thích a circle or a wedding in the round. Again, a few handy signs & on-the-ball ushers will help out guests who aren"t used to this.



The wedding ceremony can be as short or long as you want, however, remember your guests don"t want khổng lồ be sitting for hours. In a registry office, your ceremony may be as little at 10-15 minutes long; a civil service at a venue with a registrar will be around 20-30 minutes. A celebrant ceremony may last 30-45 minutes, while a church ceremony can go on for an hour or longer.

Make sure you don"t leave your guests waiting around too long without some food or drink. They"ll have arrived 15-20 minutes ahead of the ceremony, và then potentially have lớn travel to lớn the venue after the ceremony. Spare a thought for their stomachs with a swift delivery of canapes & drinks when they arrive sầu at the reception!


The wedding ceremony music is an important factor to theartinpixels.comnsider for the ceremony. Are you having background music as guests are seated, will you have abridal entrance tuy vậy, và a ceremony exit song? Will the music be live sầu (for example, a harpist or orchestra), or vày you need khổng lồ prepare a USB stiông xã or CD? Preparing these in advance will guarantee a stress-không tính tiền và seamless order of events.

The "Fluff"

Once at the top of the aisle, who will vị the final “fluff”? It’s likely your dress or veil has moved as you walked down the aisle – to ensure perfect photos ask someone responsible lớn fluff before the registrar begins! Make sure they know how you want it. Will the train be straight behind you or curled towards the front for the best photos?

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The theartinpixels.comnfetti Shot

This needs theartinpixels.comordinating! Most venues và churches won’t allow theartinpixels.comnfetti on the aisle, so this may happen outside your ceremony room or even later in the day (on pretty steps, for example). Have the groomsmen arrange guests at your chosen location & THEN h& out the theartinpixels.comnfetti khổng lồ the guests, and get ready for that perfect photo!

If you’re still searching for your dream venue then don’t miss our menu ofthe essential questions you need to lớn ask your wedding venue.