To improve sầu sharing of information between two countries aimed at strengthening the safety control, we will blah blah...

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To improve sầu sharing of information between two countries aiming to strengthen the safety control, we will blah blah...

What is the difference between aimed at và aiming to here?

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The difference is between two different uses of the verb lớn aim. One is literal và means lớn direct something at a target while the other is more figurative sầu & means to have sầu the intention to carry out a course of action or achieve sầu a certain goal.

In the first case this means that we can say "I saw a man holding a gun, the gun was aimed at me"; "The stone was aimed at the window but fell short và landed in the garden"; "I aimed a punch at his head" or even "In the computer game I aimed my mega blaster at the alien". In all of these there is a more or less real target (even though the mega blaster and the alien only exist on the computer screen or VR headset) so we say aimed at.

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In the second case we can say "When I graduated from university I aimed to have a career in the financial sector"; "I mix off early in the morning aiming to walk khổng lồ York by nightfall"; "When I struck out I aimed to knoông chồng his hat off" or even "When I began lớn play the game I aimed to beat my brother"s score by killing more aliens than he did". In all of these examples there is an intention which has been formed in the person"s mind and the aim is khổng lồ complete the action or achieve the ambition even though the intention in the case of the hat is very short term. Because the aim in these cases is an intention rather than a physical action we say alặng to.

lưu ý that, in order khổng lồ knock off the hat, I would have sầu to lớn ayên ổn at it in some way but that is khổng lồ vì with the physical action I would take in order to lớn achieve the more abstract goal of knocking it off.

As an aside there is also the size ayên ổn for. This is rather more lượt thích aim at than aim to but the targets can be less well defined. It can be used in sentences like "I aimed for his hat but missed & struông chồng hlặng above sầu his left eye". "After graduating from university I aimed for a position as an actuary". cảnh báo these examples are more specific than the aimed to examples but are less concrete than the aimed at examples.