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Aimersoft Video Editor is an easy-to-use yet powerful đoạn phim editing program that lets you compile any movie or đoạn phim projects from videos, audio files & photos in just a few clicks. With it, you can create professional-looking movies with stylish Clip effects, scene transitions, background music & more to lớn amaze the audience and cốt truyện them with the world instantly.

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Easy-to-use & powerful video clip editing software with rich editing features that lets you create fabulous home movies in clicks.
Create eye-catching movies from any Clip, audio & image filesEdit your movie precisely with separate tracks for đoạn phim, audio và musicPersonalize truyền thông media files with basic features lượt thích trlặng, crop, rotate, etc.cảm ứng up your videos with filters, special effects, transitions & moreShare and broadcast your movie virtually anywhere you lượt thích

Create Your Movie as Easy as A-B-C

Creating your own movie has never been easier with Aimersoft Video Editor. With the easy-to-use workspace, you can get all done easily và quickly. Supported media formats include AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV, JPG, BMPhường, MP3, WMA và more. So whether it"s a homemade or downloaded đoạn phim, pholớn or music tệp tin, you can just drag và drop it lớn the program. Separate tracks for đoạn Clip, audio, music, text, etc. are provided, allowing you to edit each element precisely và easily. Meanwhile, all other editing operations can be completed with simple drag-n-drops. Even if you"re a computer novice & it"s your first time to lớn make a movie, you can get all under control following the intuitive interface và turn your truyền thông files into eye-catching movies in minutes.

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Edit Your Media Files with Fantasy in Clicks

Regular đoạn phim editing features are offered khổng lồ let you customize your movie. You can copy & paste video segments, trlặng videos lớn keep the exact part, crop videos to remove blachồng margins, split videos into several parts, remove audio from Clip files, rotate videos/photos in a horizontal or vertical way, phối đoạn Clip brightness, contrast, saturation, tốc độ up video/audio clips, adjust volume, mix fade in/out effects, add a voiceover, add background audio files, add text watermarks and more to make your truyền thông media files personalized and achieve sầu a better overall effect. All the work can be completed in clicks and that"s it!

Optimize Your Movie khổng lồ Wow the Crowd

Of course, a great video editing tool should offer more than just some classic đoạn phim editing functions. Aimersoft Video Editor now comes with 50+ special effects and 50+ transition effects to help add a professional touch to lớn your videos and photos. In addition, you can create a picture-in-picture effect lớn better tell your story. And by applying an intro/credit effect, you can take the đoạn Clip khổng lồ the next cấp độ instantly. Furthermore, some funny & useful effects lượt thích Flash and Hold, Tilt-Shift, Mosaic, Face Off, etc. are provided. With all these advanced features, you can put yourself at the director"s chair và create a cinema-quality movie with ease.

Share Your Video Creation Anywhere

•Export in popular formats: You can save your Clip in a wide variety of regular đoạn phim formats, including MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, FLV, MKV, 3GPhường and more for watching later anywhere. •Convert lớn portable devices: Video presets for iPhone, iPad, máy tính bảng iPad, smartphones, PSPhường, Xbox 360, etc. are provided, which means that you can just save sầu the video to play on Mobile devices seamlessly. •Create và nội dung on YouTube & Facebook: It"s time to let your family & friends watch your Clip creation. Simply enter the required YouTube or Facebook info và you can directly upload & giới thiệu the movie on social media. •Save và burn to lớn DVD:Burning your production to DVD is not only a good way khổng lồ keep the videos, but also a good choice for family gifts. Now you are able khổng lồ burn đoạn Clip to DVD as a fancy gift & watch it on your DVD player/TV comfortably.