As Fresh As A Daisy

Related words và phrases: bright, clear, good, lively, vigorous, active, alert, refreshed, revived, stimulated, neat, orderly, pure, washed

Idiom Scenario 1

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Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: I can"t believe sầu the cấp độ of energy và enthusiasm you have after we worked until after midnight last night.

Colleague 2: I feel fresh as a daisy.

Colleague 1: I am tired và my eyes are burning. What"s your secret?

Colleague 2: Diet & exercise.

Idiom Scenario 2

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Two travellers are talking ...

Traveler 1: I checked my business suit during our layover và it is completely wrinkled. I am going to lớn look terrible when I give sầu my presentation. Traveler 2: Not to worry. I brought a travel steam iron. A quick pass or two with the iron và your suit will look fresh as a daisy. It will look as good as new. Traveler 1: Thanks. You are a life saver.

fresh as a daisy - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index: 72

fresh as a daisy - Gerund Form:

Being fresh as a daisy after a good night"s sleep, he was eager khổng lồ get baông xã khổng lồ work.

Being fresh as a daisy, the tablecloth nearly glowed with cleanness.

fresh as a daisy - Examples:

1) I vày hope this finds you feeling as fresh as a daisy. I, however, feel like I"ve sầu been hit by a truông xã.

2) Fresh as a daisy after a strenuous day walking the length of the isl&, noting ...

3) ... the bouquet should look great and be delivered or given to her looking "as fresh as a daisy" so lớn speak.

4) We have sầu put together a few simple tips và tricks that will have sầu you looking fresh as a daisy!

5) And feeling fresh as a daisy this morning. LOL.

6) I have also found that I love being the person the next day who is fresh as a daisy because I went khổng lồ my room early & chilled out while everyone ...

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7) He"s as fresh as a daisy right now, so he should be able to play the bulk ...

8) ... getting stretchered off & returning to lớn the pitch 10 minutes later as fresh as a daisy is not funny as such actions are not only looked down upon...

9) He needs a rest và a summer off and he will be fresh as a daisy next season.

10) ... allowing him to rest for half an hour và then reintroducing him, fresh as a daisy, for the last knockings.

11) Right before bed, wash it off and go khổng lồ bed fresh as a daisy. You"ll wake up with a sun-kissed glow.

12) ... the police station khổng lồ report the accident, và then, almost mysteriously, appearing fresh as a daisy; he was dressed and clean shaven as if nothing ...

13) ... that sound as if they"ve sầu fallen through a wormhole lớn the 1970s yet as fresh as a daisy, và with the live sầu performance skills và a talented team of ...

14) This is followed by cucumber moisturiser. Always wakes me up và gives me that fresh as a daisy look.

15) Very impressed with the fruit và veg. It was beautifully presented và fresh as a daisy.

16) ... else had stayed up until five sầu in morning and got absolutely wrecked. I felt fresh as a daisy however but kind of wished I"d stayed for all the frolics.

17) You"ll be nodding off in no time và arrive sầu at your destination fresh as a daisy.

18) The past is there, sometimes all broken and confused but occasionally as fresh as a daisy.

19) ... and then he emerged fresh as a daisy và looked showered.

20) I was getting closer to the marathuôn point và still feeling fresh as a daisy. Most of the other runners had become increasingly quiet by now.