Attempt To Là Gì

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This indicator aimed to validate teachers" approach khổng lồ lesson planning while attempting lớn liên kết teacher thinking and administrator thinking through a shared discourse.
The oboe, on the other h&, offers very little for the eye, though some players attempt lớn compensate for this with gr& gestures.
When children attover khổng lồ the đầu vào và repeatedly attempt to parse it, their performance undergoes a qualitative change.
The intention of a quiông chồng perusal of such a table is to lớn observe trends, not attempt lớn produce statistical evidence.
He attempted to create architecture directly out of what he called "nature"s organic structural thoughts".
Yet the attempt khổng lồ account for the value of happiness in purely hedonic terms seems khổng lồ miss something.
Despite numerous attempts lớn estimate the màn chơi of returns to scale in the data, there is no broad agreement in the literature on its value.
In other words, in refusing to lớn attribute any role to lớn crime, these studies are forced inlớn the same zero-sum framework they attempt khổng lồ challenge.
It will be important for future work to continue khổng lồ address these issues by attempting khổng lồ differentiate lexical from phonological representations.
It draws on important insights associated with other theodicies, but attempts khổng lồ get past their alleged shortcomings.
Having random police patrols apprehover only some "unsuccessful" attempting criminals is not unfair even when such patrols miss other attempting criminals.
We did not attempt to estimate the spatiotemporal structure of the receptive sầu fields of complex cells.

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Two students directly compared technical problems with the process of analysis in their attempts lớn apply analytical methods in solving technical problems.
It sometimes took the size of attempts lớn introduce new social groups inlớn the workforce & following an old practice to diversify its social composition.
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