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10 plus years of info lost.
Spoke lớn Greg a few times between 9/12 ans 12/12 he said servers were being moved và updated. Now no answer or servers, what a waste. All i"d like is access khổng lồ my files long enough to tải về them.
I want my files baông xã please.
I guess I kind of refuse khổng lồ rate this because it no longer exists as I can see. It went down in September of 2012 with no word. No tin nhắn khổng lồ give long paying customers a chance lớn remove files that cannot be replaced including whole websites that cannot be replaced. I don"t know what happened khổng lồ Greg Deeter but who ever helped out with it if Greg is no longer able khổng lồ vì it please give sầu us a chance to lớn retrieve irreplaceable files. Boomspeed had it all now there"s nothing how can I rate that.
What is going on with BOOMSPEED?Is it coming back? It has not been working for cchiến bại to 4 months!!At least let us know what is going on!!Shit this is ridiculous!
d... Clayên this businessCreate a không tính phí trương mục khổng lồ manage listing!

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