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A comtháng problem for most computer users is the fact that sounds are always too loud or not loud enough, which forces us to lớn tweak the volume constantly. With Breakaway Audio Enhancer, fixing this issue is only the beginning. This utility can also enhance the sound chất lượng significantly, for any application on your computer, from your mặc định media player to your website browser. It comes with various presets and easy to lớn understand controls, which give you a much better experience when listening khổng lồ your favorite songs. The application is free to lớn try for 30 days. It works on Windows 2000, XP., Vista & Windows 7 and it doesn"t require powerful hardware. The installation process is straightforward, but the cài đặt wizard will need khổng lồ install an additional driver on your computer. Besides installing it, you also need khổng lồ phối the application as your mặc định sound device, otherwise it won"t work. For most users, installing & configuring Breakaway Audio Enhancer is sufficient for a better audio experience, but you can make various tweaks if you need to. The application comes with a compact user interface, which you can bring up at any time, through its system tray inhỏ. It consists mainly of a series of sliders & meters, but you can also access a general settings panel, where you can make other fine settings. Essentially, Breakaway Audio Enhancer is a replacement for the operating system"s primary sound device. As a result, everything that makes a sound on your computer will be affected. Instead of making adjustments on equalizers in each application you have, you can make them only once, on Breakaway Audio Enhancer"s interface. The application"s effects will be obvious. Besides clearer sounds, you will also notice that all sounds that used to lớn make you reach for the volume knob have been normalized. In other words, you won"t have to lớn turn down the volume when there are shootings or explosions in your movie & you won"t have sầu to turn it up when people are talking. Pros: The application can normalize và enhance all audio signals from your computer. All enhancements are done automatically, but you can still make various tweaks if you need khổng lồ. Cons: Breakaway Audio Enhancer doesn"t work on Windows 8. Breakaway Audio Enhancer allows you to enjoy the full potential of your audio system. You can download Breakaway Audio Enhancer không tính tiền here.

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Breakaway Audio Enhancer has been reviewed by Frederiông xã Barton on 15 Dec 2014. Based on the user interface, features và complexity, has rated Breakaway Audio Enhancer 5 out of 5 stars, naming it Essential