Cách download video dạng jwplayer

JW Player is an open-source framework for embedding videos into lớn websites. It integrates tư vấn for Flash và HTML5 videos, enabling you khổng lồ stream videos on different platforms. Although it has improved the loading speed online, you may still want to watch or collect your favorite JW Player videos offline.Bạn đang xem: Cách tải về Clip dạng jwplayer

"Some quite distinctive or entertaining JW Player videos embedded into the web pages, & I am considering khổng lồ record or tải về them. Is it possible?"

Unlượt thích YouTube videos tải về, the ways lớn tải về JW Player videos are a bit complicated & the tools are also limited. But don’t despair, we will introduce a series of effective methods for almost JWPlayer Clip downloads that you happen to lớn stumble across while you’re surfing the website.

Bạn đang xem: Cách download video dạng jwplayer

Full-featured JW Player Video Downloader


theartinpixels.com Video Converter for MacDownload almost all the videos by pasting URLsDownload JW player videos or other truyền thông files in a bulkConvert đoạn phim & audio to lớn over 500 formatsConvert videos lớn Mobile phones, Final Cut Pro, Xbox with the optimized presetsSet the customized video format with parametersEdit JW Player video clips with Tryên ổn, Crop, special Effects, etc.Rip JW Player DVD khổng lồ digital files

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How to lớn Download JW Player Videos from "Inspect" or "Inspect Element"?

The steps khổng lồ download JWPlayer videos on Chrome, and Safari, and Firefox are roughly the same. Below we show the screenshot on Chrome.

Open a website page that contains a JW Player đoạn phim.Right-click anywhere và choose the "Inspect" (Chrome) or "Inspect Element" (Safari, Firefox) option.Switch to the "Network" tab.Refresh the page. (Important step)In the search box, type the từ khoá - mp4.Right-clichồng the file liên kết that appears và choose "xuất hiện in new tab". The JWPlayer Clip will start khổng lồ download immediately.

It was convenient to lớn tải về JW Player videos in this way in the past. However, as JW Player was upgraded to v8.đôi mươi or higher, the problems occurred:

Unable khổng lồ save JWPlayer videos in MP4 format, merely in TS or M3U8 (short video clip segments) format.Can"t download the complete Clip. I tried to lớn download a 29-second JW Player đoạn Clip. In the end, only the first 4 seconds of the Clip were successfully downloaded.

So, before JW Player downloading, right-click the on the video clip and check which version it is powered by.

How khổng lồ Download Video from JWPlayer Using Browser Plugin?

The extensions on Safari are not as much as on Chrome và Firefox. So far, we have not found plugins that can tải về Flash videos on Safari.

#1. Flash Video Downloader Chrome

Pros:Download popular truyền thông files, like video clip, audio, & flashSupport to tải về MP4, MOV, WebM, Fly, etc. videosFetch the URL from a JW Player đoạn phim automaticallyCons:Always download a 0 MB video insteadOccur sound & video clip malfunction frequentlyDon’t work và just crash sometimesThe downloaded JWPlayer videos can only be WebM formatThe download tốc độ is too slowAdd the Flash Video Downloader to ChromePlay a JW Player video clip that you desire to lớn download on the web page.The Chrome JWPlayer Clip downloader will show a các mục of all the captured videos.Cliông xã the downward arrow to download JW Player videos on Chrome.

#2. Flash Video Downloader Firefox

Pros:Download videos from Dailymotion, Instagram, YouTube, VK, etc.PReview videos before downloadHave sầu an intuitive interface & easy lớn useCons:Make browser freezeThe unique of downloaded videos is not goodCan’t tải về HD JW Player videosInstall the Flash Video Downloader khổng lồ Firefox.Play an embedded JW Player video clip on the Firefox browser.Start to lớn tải về đoạn Clip from JW Player on Firefox.

Why Need to lớn Install All-in-one JWPlayer Video Downloader Software?

Now that you can tải về JW player videos from the Inspect (Element) or extensions directly, why vì you still install additional JWPlayer Video Downloader software? Isn"t that superfluous? Of course not! The above sầu methods can merely meet the needs of a small number of users. You will also need the JW Player Video Downloader software for the following reasons:

For di động phone users, you are incapable of downloading JW Player videos using the above methods.The flash videos were downloaded to lớn MP4, TS, M3U8, WebM (HTML5 video), which may be incompatible with your đoạn phim player.You intend to lớn convert JW Player videos lớn other formats for playing them on điện thoại phones, iMovie, iPad, etc.When you tải về JW Player videos on the website, there are no edit options.

Download Video from JW Player on Mac & Windows

The first step to download Clip from JW Player via apps is to lớn get its URL address. Comtháng truyền thông media đoạn phim from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. is easy to lớn fetch the URL (right-cliông xã lớn copy the URL or obtain the URL from the address bar), but JW Player Clip is not.

Steps to lớn acquire the JW video’s URL (take chrome as an example):

Navigate to the web page where covers your desired JW Player đoạn phim.Right-cliông xã và choose "Inspect".Press "Ctrl+R" to reload the page.Under "Network", enter the word - mp4 lớn search video. If no tệp tin appears, refresh again.Right-click the liên kết, và select "Copy" > "Copy links address".

Next, you can use the apps lớn download from JWPlayer.

#1. JW Player Video Downloader (Mac)

theartinpixels.com Video Converter for Mac, a highly customizable & robust tool, aims khổng lồ be all things lớn users – và succeeds. It can be regarded as a đoạn phim converter và downloader, DVD ripper and simple đoạn Clip editor.

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Free Download

Step 1. Download the application

Download theartinpixels.com Video Converter và install it on Mac. Then, launch the software and you will come lớn the convert tab by default.


Step 2. Copy the link of JW Player videos

Follow the steps above to lớn catch and copy the URLs.

Note: If the video is powered by a lower version of JW Player, say, version 7.5.0. You don"t need khổng lồ go through many steps lớn get the video URL. Just copy the links in the address bar at the top.

Step 3. Download JW Player Videos on Mac

Turn bachồng to lớn theartinpixels.com Video Converter, switch to the download tab > paste the URLs lớn the blank box > clichồng the download button khổng lồ save videos from JW player.

Step 4. Convert JW Player videos lớn any format

Move sầu the downloaded JWPlayer videos lớn the convert tab. Then, open its output format các mục & select any one of video clip formats or optimized presetting you want.

#2. JW Player Video Downloader (Windows)

Speaking of aTube Catcher for Windows, it"s a quite top-notch program download videos from a huge danh sách of Clip sharing sites, JW Player videos included. As same as theartinpixels.com Video Converter, the downloaded JW Player videos can be converted to lớn a number of other formats.

It has a built-in screen recorder which helps you record whatever is happening on the screen with a wet finger. There is also a built-in burning option, allowing you to burn downloaded videos lớn CDs, DVDs, và Blu-ray discs.

Download aTube Catcher setup and install it on Windows.Copy the liên kết of an embedded JW Player đoạn Clip.Go to lớn aTube Catcher, it should automatically paste the Clip URL.Select the output format and hit the "Download" button to download JW Player videos on Windows.

Best Online Jwplayer Video Downloaders

If interested, know about the online JW Player downloader. They can also tải về videos using URLs, but not as helpful as professional apps.

Pros:Support SD, HD, và even Ultra HD 4K (Catchđoạn Clip.net ) resolutionSupports video downloads from a wide range of websitesNo extra software or registration requiredCons:The download speed is too slowCan’t optimize videos for thiết bị di động devicesMay pop up virus-bearing advertisements

Catchđoạn phim.net is a solid web-based tool that has the ability to download videos from JW Player, YouTube, Facebook, DailyMotion, and so on. You can save sầu your JWPlayer videos as MP4, WebM (video clip only), WebM (audio only), or M4A. The target resolutions for videos are from 320x180 lớn 1920x1080, just pichồng the most suitable one.

xuất hiện https://catchClip.net/ trang web.Paste the JWPlayer Clip liên kết in the tìm kiếm box.Cliông chồng "Catch!".Right-click the green "Download" & choose "Save sầu Link As".Name the JW Player video clip & save it.

More Alternatives:

#1. Qdownloader.net

Qdownloader.net, a rising star of the online video clip downloader, can detect the link you paste to lớn the site in seconds. It lets you download videos from Instagram, YouTube or other similar platforms. When going to lớn download JW Player videos online, you only need to paste a JW Player Clip liên kết, no personal information or registration required.

#2. Ddownr.com#3. Saveclipbro.com (Update: Not Available)


You can see, to download đoạn phim from JW Player is not that difficult. For general users, you are able to save JW Player website videos directly with the liên kết address. For special or advanced users, an all-in-one Clip downloader is necessary. As for how khổng lồ tải về JW Player videos on Android and iPhone, you can complete the task with the aid of HTML5 và Flash đoạn phim downloaders, lượt thích vGet, Myvid Video Downloader, etc.