Center of excellence là gì

Establishing a Power Platsize Center of Excellence (CoE) means investing in và nurturing organic growth while maintaining governance and control. A CoE is designed to drive sầu innovation and improvement, và as a central function it can break down geographic và organizational silos. A CoE can be a powerful way for an organization khổng lồ align around business goals rather than individual department metrics.

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A key principle is to lớn clarify why you"re setting up a CoE, what you ayên lớn accomplish, and the key business outcomes you hope khổng lồ achieve. Then get started, và learn & evolve sầu along the way. For many, the CoE is the first step in fostering greater creativity & innovation across the organization by empowering business units khổng lồ digitize và automate their business processes, while maintaining the necessary cấp độ of central oversight & governance.

The CoE Starter Kit is a template that might not match every organization"s requirements, so we recommkết thúc that you extkết thúc the solution lớn fit your organization"s requirements as defined by your CoE.

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Admin tools available khổng lồ you

A Power nguồn Platkhung CoE takes ownership of Power nguồn Platform administration, nurturing, & operations support. To vị that, you"ll need to lớn use the administrative sầu functions in Power nguồn Platsize.

Admin & governance tools fall inlớn three broad categories:

Admin center The core, most important capabilities for admins và makers are the functions in the core sản phẩm admin center. These features are designed khổng lồ be the easiest và most robust way to complete tasks, và are fully supported by the engineering team:

Environment and environment security managementData loss prevention (DLP) policy managementData integration and gateway managementAdmin analytics (khổng lồ view capathành phố và activity on Dataverse, nguồn Apps, and Power Automate)Support ticket requests

Platkhung extensions Four connectors provide access to the same APIs that the products & admin centers use. These have sầu been exposed through the connectors library to lớn give sầu users the ability to create custom solutions lớn exexinh tươi administrative sầu or governance-related tasks.

Templates and customizations The CoE Starter Kit falls inlớn this category. The CoE templates use the admin connectors in combination with other connectors và formulas to achieve specific goals. The nature of a template is khổng lồ provide a good solution for a specific task, but it might not have the exact functionality that you need. You might have to adjust it to lớn achieve what you"re looking for.