As cool as a cucumber (idiom)

A cucumber is standing in front of a tower of ice in the picture. What does this mean?   

As cool as a cucumber:   calm & relaxed (especially in a difficult or stressful situation).

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A cucumber grows on a plant. They are part of the same plant family as watermelon, squash và pumpkins.

The inside of a cucumber is a lot cooler (in temperature) than the air outside it. We often talk about people who are angry or upmix as being hot—when you get angry your breathing increases, your body starts pumping more blood and the pressure rises và so on. When you"re calm & relaxed your heart beats normally, you"re not upmix and you aren"t worried. Since a cucumber is something that stays cool on the inside this is where the comparison (as cool as) came from.


— My boss is as cool as a cucumber even when he speaks in front of hundreds of people.

— Even though she"d just lost her job, she came khổng lồ the party as cool as a cucumber.    

— I would have sầu died but my frikết thúc was as cool as a cucumber when the mean girls started teasing her about her old dress.

— I prepared for the kiểm tra for weeks so I wasn"t nervous beforehand—I actually felt as cool as a cucumber!

— What an amazing gymnast!  She"s as cool as a cucumber when she performs the most difficult skills on the balance beam.

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— Trust me. You"re not going lớn be as cool as a cucumber when you give birth lớn the baby!

— It was funny—the bride was as cool as a cucumber at the wedding but the groom was a nervous, crying, sniffling mess.

— This Thanksgiving I was as cool as a cucumber.  We had the meal catered và the only thing I prepared was my specialty hãng apple and pumpkin pies.

— I used lớn get so nervous before meetings but after learning deep breathing techniques I"m as cool as a cucumber.

— I don"t understand how you can be as cool as a cucumber during turbulence on the airplane. I"m so nervous and anxious!

— I highly recommkết thúc you hire Jessica. One of her best strengths is that she"s as cool as a cucumber whenever we have sầu large conferences.

— Since I attended all my classes and started studying weeks in advance I was as cool as a cucumber during my final exams.

— My sister was as cool as a cucumber at her wedding but her fiance was a complete nervous & crying wreck!

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