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Diablo 3 is grinding at its best. I’ve sầu spent more time than I can count joyfully taking out demons and collecting piles of loot while also listening to music or talking with friends. But after putting roughly a thousvà hours inlớn the PC version over the past six years — spread across dozens of characters — I was still excited khổng lồ sit down with the Switch version & start all over again.

The great news about Diablo 3 on Switch is that it’s Diablo 3 on Switch; it’s as good as you might hope. Blizzard stuffed a whole lot of Diablo inkhổng lồ the diminuitive Switch. The bad news is that, due khổng lồ the handheld, on-the-go nature of the Switch, sometimes you won’t have access to lớn the internet, walling you off from one of the game’s most enjoyable modes.

The Switch’s chất lượng hardware creates a different kind of experience. Playing Diablo with a controller has always been a bit strange, but surprisingly playable, và the Switch offers a variety of controller và play styles. With the Switch Pro Controller, the game plays beautifully. Sure, you laông xã the precision of a mouse, but the demon-slaying, loot-grabbing chaos that you want from Diablo is still butter-smooth.

The controls for Diablo 3 get a bit wonky once you throw another player into lớn the phối. Just using what comes with the Switch out of the box, both you and your couch buddy can slay demons with a single Joy-Con each. Playing this way is surprisingly functional, but not necessarily comfortable.

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The smaller number of buttons on each Joy-Con creates some interesting workarounds, like having khổng lồ click in the control stiông xã và then hit the top controller button in order to access the brilliant, console-only quiông chồng thực đơn. This is the case with a few different shortcuts, like opening your map or for returning to town. The whole thing involves pressing in the analog stick & holding it — which deactivates your abilities on the face buttons — & then using the face buttons to lớn input commands such as up or A for the quick thực đơn, và right or B for return lớn town.

That control scheme is both complex and impressive sầu, considering how few buttons the Joy-Cons have on them & how functional it all is. Playing with a single Joy-Con may cramp your hands after a few hours — and someone in your buổi tiệc nhỏ will definitely forget the button shortcuts once or twice — but co-op on the Joy-Cons is still better than playing alone. However, if you have a regular demon-slaying pal khổng lồ play with, you should probably invest in two Pro Controllers.

Blizzard Entertainment While it runs great on a TV, Diablo 3 really sings during single-player in handheld mode. With the Adventure Mode và Nephallặng Rifts added in the Reaper of Souls expansion — included here, along with the Necromancer — Diablo 3 is the perfect forever game, made even better now that it’s portable.

Being able lớn run through rifts at your desk, sitting on the couch while watching a movie or while traveling is great. Unless you’re really trying lớn push the limits of your current character, Diablo 3 is about as chill as it gets, and having it detached from big screen & ready to play whenever you are is reason enough to lớn piông xã up the Switch port.

Unfortunately, lượt thích a lot of Switch games, playing multiplayer on the go isn’t great. While you can pair whichever controllers you lượt thích in tabletop mode, the screen is just too small for a game like Diablo.

For better local co-op play, the other option is khổng lồ bring along a second console. The Switch version of Diablo 3 has a wireless local multiplayer option, meaning that four players within cthua trận proximity of each other can link up to lớn run rifts together — no mạng internet connection required.

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Blizzard Entertainment The only real problem this port runs inlớn is one of internet connection. Seasons in Diablo 3 — months-long in-game events, in which all players start with fresh characters và try clearing the highest rift possible — offer an expiration date to lớn your loot runs. This is my favorite way lớn play Diablo 3, but it is slightly less perfect on Switch.

There are some caveats to lớn seasons và offline play. Namely, you need to lớn create your seasonal character while connected to lớn the internet, & you must have sầu a constant connection to lớn be eligible for leaderboards. Assuming that isn’t something you care about -- which is likely the case for all but the most hardcore players -- you can still vày seasonal play while offline & on the go.

Thankfully, the rest of Diablo 3 can be played offline. And online or not, Diablo 3 is one of the best games to lớn be released this decade. There’s a reason it’s still getting ported to new systems more than six years after its debut. The pairing of Blizzard’s design & Nintendo’s hardware, both companies working at their finest, is undeniable. As someone who has been a người of Diablo 3 since it first launched, airplane rides will never be the same again.

Update 11/2: After additional testing, we discovered that you can play seasonal offline, although it makes you ineligible for certain seasonal leaderboards. Unless you intkết thúc on grinding inkhổng lồ the upper echelon of Greater Rifts, those leaderboards probably won’t mean much to lớn you.

With this update, our biggest issue with the port has seemingly been solved. So while Diablo 3 on Switch isn’t the most comfortable way to play the game, it certainly is the most convenient. If you have any interest in detháng slaying on the go, take a long, hard look at this port.

For a full danh sách of what you can & can’t bởi vì online, check out our post on offline versus online Diablo 3 for Switch.