Download adobe reader mới nhất

Version: đôi mươi.006.20034
Operating System: Mac, Linux, iOS
License: Free
Developer Name: Adobe
Total Downloads: 2,730,607
Category: Office & Business Tools, Writing & Editing Tools
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The file will tải về to your computer. Double click on it and run the installer. When it’s done installing, just clichồng FINISH và you’re all mix.

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How khổng lồ Uninstall Adobe PDF Reader DC

If you only needed the Adobe Reader for a single-use or if you decide lớn tăng cấp & purchase a premium package, you can completely remove this from your computer in 2 easy steps.

Type Showroom OR REMOVE PROGRAMS in the windows search bar.
Find Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and cliông xã UNINSTALL.

The Windows installer program will take care of the rest & remove the software from your computer.

Adobe PDF: Free vs. Pro? Depends on Your Needs

Before I can answer whether the không tính phí Adobe PDF Reader DC is good enough or if you should upgrade lớn Adobe Acrobat Pro, you have sầu to understand your needs.

If you have basic needs, lượt thích opening a PDF, signing the document, adding a stamp, or leaving comments on the document, then the không lấy phí option is perfect for you.

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However, if you need more advanced tools such as:

Convert a document to lớn a PDFPassword protect or encrypt the fileCompress the fileCompare two PDF filesReorganize the document

Then you will need to tăng cấp to lớn the Acrobat Pro Reader.


All of the underlined features are only available with Adobe Acrobat Pro

Free Alternatives to lớn Adobe PDF Reader Pro

Nitro PDF Reader: You can create, sign, & tóm tắt PDFs with Nitro. With drag-and-drop functionality, it’s one of the easier programs khổng lồ master.


🤑 Is Adobe Reader really free?

There is no cost to use the basic features that come with Adobe Reader. However, as you use it, you’ll notice that a lot of features are only available with a premium package.

😇 Is Adobe PDF Reader safe?

As long as you download the file from the official Adobe site, there are no known viruses or malware attached to it. Unfortunately, if you don’t pay attention while installing the program, you will kết thúc up installing two McAfee products.

🤩 Can you convert a PDF khổng lồ Word with Adobe Reader?

If you want lớn convert a PDF khổng lồ Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or any other format, you will need khổng lồ purchase Adobe Acrobat Pro.

🤓 What does the DC stand for in Adobe PDF Reader DC?

Adobe upgraded all their products lớn integrate with its Document Cloud, hence the DC. You can upload a tệp tin to lớn the cloud và access it with Reader from anywhere.

😎 Is there a Smartphone version of Adobe Reader?

Yes. You can find an Adobe PDF Reader app for both Android & iOS devices in Google Play và iTunes.