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Developer: Rocksteady StudiosRelease date: 2011Platform: Windows (PC) Genre: ActionVersion: trò chơi of the Year Edition

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Batman: Arkmê mẩn City is a 2011 action-adventure đoạn Clip game developed by Rocksteady Studquả táo and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Based on the DC Comics supernhân vật Batman, it is the sequel lớn the 2009 đoạn phim game Batman: Arkmê mẩn Asylum & the second installment in the Batman: Arkmê man series. Written by veteran Batman writer Paul Dini with Paul Crocker & Sefton Hill, Arkham City is inspired by the long-running comic book mythos. In the game"s main storyline, Batman is incarcerated in Arksi mê City, a huge new super-prison enclosing the decaying urban slums of fictional Gotham mê City. He must uncover the secret behind the sinister scheme, "Protocol 10", orchestrated by the facility"s warden, Hugo Strange. The game"s leading characters are predominantly voiced by actors from the DC Animated Universe, with Kevin Conroy & Mark Hamill reprising their roles as Batman & the Joker, respectively.

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The game is presented from the third-person perspective sầu with a primary focus on Batman"s combat and stealth abilities, detective sầu skills, và gadgets that can be used in both combat and exploration. Batman can freely move sầu around the Arkmê mệt City prison, interacting with characters và undertaking missions, & unlocking new areas by progressing through the main story or obtaining new equipment. The player is able to complete side missions away from the main story to unlock additional content & collectible items. Arkđắm đuối City gives Batman the new ability to lớn glide using his cape, enabling him lớn cover greater distances than were possible in Arkđắm đuối Asylum. Batman"s ally Catwoman is another playable character, featuring her own story campaign that runs parallel lớn the game"s main plot.

Rocksteady conceived ideas for a sequel while developing Arksi Asylum, commencing serious development of Arkđắm đuối City"s story in February 2009. The layout of Arksi mê City has a virtual footprint five sầu times that of Arksi Asylum, and the city kiến thiết was modified to fit around Batman"s ability khổng lồ swoop và glide. Over a year & $10 million were spent on the game"s sale campaign, and its release was accompanied by two music albums; one containing the game"s score, & the other featuring 11 original songs inspired by the game from various mainstream artists.

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The game received critical acclalặng, particularly for its narrative, character & world designs, soundtrack, và Batman"s combat và navigation abilities. It was tied for the highest-rated đoạn Clip game of 2011 according lớn Đánh Giá aggregator Metacritic, and was the recipient of several awards including: Game of the Year, Best kích hoạt Game, Best kích hoạt Adventure trò chơi, Best Adventure Game, and Best Original Score from various truyền thông media outlets, and it is considered one of the greakiểm tra đoạn Clip games of all time. Arkmê mẩn City was released worldwide for the PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360 đoạn phim game consoles, beginning in North America on October 18, 2011, with a Microsoft Windows version following on November 22. A spin-off Smartphone game, Batman: Arkmê mệt City Lockdown was released in December. The game received several re-releases: a trò chơi of the Year edition containing all of the game"s downloadable nội dung in May 2012; Wii U và OS X versions in November và December 2012, respectively; and a remastered version for PlayStation 4 & Xbox One in October năm 2016. A successor, Batman: Arkđam mê Origins, was released in October 2013, và a narrative sầu sequel, Batman: Arkham Knight, was released in June 2015.


Batman: Arkđam mê City is an open-world action-adventure game that incorporates tactics from stealth games. It is presented from the third-person perspective, showing the playable character on screen and allowing the camera to lớn be freely rotated around it. The game is phối within Arksi City, which is open to lớn the player from the beginning of the game, allowing them khổng lồ travel freely anywhere within its boundaries. The player can move sầu silently throughout the game, using a combination of gadgets và stealth moves to lớn sneak up on enemies và incapacitate them. Batman can use his cape to lớn glide around the thành phố, diving downwards và swooping upwards to extover his flight, & he can use the grapnel gun"s retracting rope lớn attach to out-of-reach ledges. As Batman, the player is able khổng lồ use "Detective Vision", a visual mode that highlights elements of interest on-screen, such as character status, collectables, and clues; the mode is also used to lớn perkhung forensic activities such as tracking the source of a xạ thủ rifle round. The player has access khổng lồ an in-game criminal database which includes forensic puzzles, as well as a network for hacking communication frequencies.

Operating System:
 Microsoft Windows XPhường / Vista / 7Processor: 2,4 GHzRAM: 2 GBVideo Card: 512 MBHard disk space: 17 GB
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