Download techsmith camtasia studio 8

Camtasia Studio 8.4.4 Build 1859 is a perfect screen recorder và an excellent đoạn phim editor. It can help you to lớn create astonishing video clip tutorials và professional videos without being a professional. You can choose to record your screen activity or khổng lồ use a website camera or DV camera khổng lồ import the đoạn phim signal. Then it will be lượt thích a game for you khổng lồ edit all recordings, add professional effects to them và save sầu them or export them in the easiest possible way. This software is paid, but a không tính tiền 30-day trial version can be downloaded. It has no limitations whatsoever, so you can feel its full power in your hands.

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Features Records full screen or region Records from web camera or DV camera Adds markers Applies lots of audio, video animation và transition effects Batch production Customizable flash controls Includes watermark

Camtasia Studio has serious system requirements, because it is a đoạn phim recorder và a đoạn Clip editor. The faster your computer configuration is, the better this program will work. You can use it lớn capture your entire screen or only a custom region of it. When complete, you can save sầu your recording using the chất lượng program format or begin a new one. The recording process is smooth & uses just the necessary amount of your system resources. It has a multi-language user interface & a lot of audio, video clip, animation & transition effects. You can customize all recordings with many ready-to-use themes, animated backgrounds, graphics, callouts, etc.


Camtasia Studio is well-developed and provides a user-friendly environment khổng lồ all users. Anyone can learn it in no time và just by looking at the provided video clip tutorials. There are six menus on top, followed by several tabs. The đoạn phim Bin is located in the upper left corner of your screen và is used for various things, but most of all – for managing your files while you are inside the program. There is a built-in player located in the upper right corner. The timeline is placed at the bottom và allows you to lớn manage as many tracks as you want. You can zoom in và out in order to lớn find the exact moment of time when you want khổng lồ apply a certain filter, transition or to insert a callout.

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Basic Operations

Camtasia Studio 8.4.4 Build 1859 is a powerful program with many features. At first might be a little overwhelming but not worries, there is a very informative sầu help tệp tin along with the provided step-by-step đoạn Clip tutorial. At the beginning, all users are advised lớn use the mặc định application settings & when you become more experienced, you can start playing around with them.


In a nutshell, Camtasia Studio is a great piece of software that comes with many powerful features. It may take you some time lớn learn them all, but after that you can start producing great videos full of effects và animations. Camtasia Studio should be your choice for a screen recorder, Clip editor.