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WarKey++ is a user friendly and handy tool for Warcraft 3. It allows you to customize/phối Warcraft 3 Inventory Hotkeys. You can remaps your Inventory keys to lớn any key you want. WarKey++ can run on Windows 7, Vista and XPhường without any problems. This tool has other great features too, check them out!WarKey++ Features:1. Supports Warcraft 1.26 patch và other previous versions.2. Active/Disable Enemy/Ally HP bars.3. Macro Hotkeys.4. Quiông xã Messages for Allied và All.5. Disable Left Key.6. Very simple và nice interface. Svào function.7. Set Inventory Keys khổng lồ, ALT+<1><2><3><4><5>.8. Program Hotkeys.9. Makes mouse cursor stay in window while playing in Window Mode.

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The great feature of WarKey++ is, it does not effect the chat system when you have sầu hotkeys turned on (it will automatically disable warkey when typing).
Program Hotkeys:- Active/disable "hotkey function" hotkey - Active/disable "AI bloông chồng mouse" hotkey - (Alt+<) Hotkey: show ally"s hp bar- (Alt+>) Hotkey: show enemy"s hp bar- (Alt+M) Hotkey: kiểm tra current state of function- (Alt+P) Hotkey: Pause/Resume "game"- (Alt+F4) Hotkey: Quit GameWarKey++ Download Links:Warkey++ 6.6:WarKey66_EN.rar (mirror 1)Warkey++ 6.3:WarKey63_EN.rar (mirror 1)Warkey++ v6.2:Warkey (mirror 1)

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first blood

7:22 PM


hehe nice one but umilimet can i get most of the forums information & put it in my blog?

8:55 PM

Will this be treated as a "Hack" in garena & ended up our account being banned? or we wouldn't be banned for using this thing?

11:07 PM
Anonymous, This will not be treated as a Hachồng, I have sầu tested this tool on Garemãng cầu & haven't got banned. So no problem using it!

11:51 PM

It has enemy HPhường bars so it IS considered as a hachồng. if its purely hotkeys, its fine but not health bars. Might as well use this , choose zeus and zap when u see red hp bars

10:29 AM

thanks ! can seomeone explain what is :_ "Ai block mouse"_ "Shield left when gaming"?thanks

4:09 PM

This is probably the BEST thing that i have sầu DLed for Dota! Thx, I would kiss u if i could! :)

4:42 PM

What the hell, can't we customize hotkeys at alt+A,alt+Z,alt+E,alt+Q,alt+S,alt+Dlượt thích in HoN (heroes of newerth) ????

1:55 PM

Actually the "always show hp bar" function can be selected in gameplay option after 1.24 patch.

9:55 PM

lol the macro has some bugs & glitches... for other heroes when you set the hotkey but one skillkey is the same as the hot key.. lượt thích skhotkey - skillkey q ew re lr cwhen pressing r.. sandstorm and epicenter casts simultaneusly.. weak program

12:35 AM

perdon alguien qeu hable español no puebởi vì configurar los skills de los heroes gracias se lo agradeceria mumang đến mày correo es EMmANueL-Ara

the inventory key should be alt+q = num7 alt+w = num8 alt+a = num4 alt+s = num5 alt+z = num1 alt+x = numét vuông.

2:06 PM

Rampage this rocks other warkeys conflictTRY this guys make C dagger when using Sk xD he ulties and u get khổng lồ bliên kết with 1 key just c shift cliông xã were u wanmãng cầu go both ulti and blink will be selected asses

6:51 PM

can i make use my skills in easy way ? by pressing Q,W,E,R ? in this hotkey/warkeys?

9:30 PM

_"...,,,BEYOND GODLIKE????,,,,,,,......._"^_^Vby JANE...add me on garemãng cầu my user:.|cff336633y...add me if u lyk 2 try me in DOTA^_^

4:39 AM
Anonymoussaid... my dagon5 and finger fires lượt thích 1 skill wew...they said i have mh bacause they are 1hit ..haha...loosers...

12:đôi mươi PM

only the weak wants khổng lồ prove sầu them self svào by means of force!! hahaha lol!!

5:00 PM

Health bars can be turned on/off in the actualy game menu of Warcraft III, now what kind of a lame brained dim-witted moron would consider something that is actually in the game mechanics as a hack?

5:trăng tròn PM

DOTA TRY ME AMF ME MY NAME IS b|cffff0000kZen that`s my name pm me if you want to lớn TRY me

4:39 PM

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it doesn't work because when you change it with the letter "s" the normal function of the key still functions so the anh hùng suddenly stops. hope you can still develop this program. how you can change the normal function of the keys???

11:38 AM

How vị i active sầu this warkey? NEED HELP!! i doesnt understvà i press the button but it doesnt work

2:43 PM

well,it is very cool tat can support the vista.But just a little problem.Can u fix the hot key to lớn user can change it??Cos ur Num7=?? so i can onli put the word & if i wan put it as Alt Q then it cant.So hope u can make it more nice ly.Tx.

8:25 PM

My inventory keys are working just fine but i cant mix my skill keys..pls help someone.Had this exact version of warkey++ baông xã trang chính & everything worked just annoying now cant play!!

7:51 AM

tnx alot.. this really helps when people are using laptops like me w/o number keys on the right side.. this helps for inventory keys shortcuts.. thumbs up for this..

8:52 AM

i play dota at máy tính xách tay but i couldn't find hotkeys for inventory & i hate clicking it, lol costs much time and lặng owned, can someone help??????

11:25 AM

great thing! used this for months now & was happy with it, only crappy thing is: todays avira antivir update doenst let this thing work any more :(update mb ;)

5:18 AM

HEEEEELP!!! i can't bind the spacebar in the warkeys, it toggles me khổng lồ next "event" if i press it, so i can't use the inventory with spacebar. Does anyone know how khổng lồ bởi vì it cuz with spacebar? its more easier, plzzz help!

5:54 AM

i can't use it says: this application has failed khổng lồ start because MSVBVM60.DLL was not found re-installing this application may fix this problem

12:21 PM

hotkey or the warkey doesn't work . amf . i want to lớn you the qwe hotkey not this .

3:56 AM

this is not treated as a hachồng... bcoz the hp bars are in the settings... its just automatically activated when u use this warkey.. i think mamãng cầu bar is a hachồng... but bot this one

7:10 PM

damn, this sucks..cant bind it to space bar, it'll just centre my screen to lớn everywhere worked once but recently it became lượt thích this..any1 know?

2:42 PM

y it would start to lớn display to different location when i press the hotkey(in the dota)?i mix 'spacebar' ass the hotkey.. pls help me lớn fix tis

9:41 AM

YEAAA ITS A NICE TOOL for a noob thats it... only these lapsap dota player who doesn't know shame want lớn use shortcult to play a single game to lớn be short , Rubbish / Trash / Disgracing Son =)

5:54 PM

This is a great english--------3pul kil---------ahahahah xDjust making laugh ^^ pls dont remove sầu this..

7:43 PM

fuck!! where is the old one? (alt 1,2,3,q,w,e). i like that one.. can you give it back? please

7:16 AM

nice one!~....dota cheaters sucks!~......just play the real game,dont cheat..just enjoy the game.....!waaaaaaaaa..haha

11:00 PM

this program is rather pathetic...bugs when 2 hotkeys overlapDOWNLOAD DOTA-KEYS

3:14 AM

you can change your skill hot key using the option "toggle shortcut key" the hotkey will become q,w,e,r(in the option gameplay) . ^^ no need to thx me lolJohn~

9:18 AM


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