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PowerDesigner is a leading SAPhường application management for architecture, data and architecture information và architectural organization & modeling data


PowerDesigner is a leading SAPhường application management for architecture, data và architecture information and architectural organization and modeling data . It can interact with most programming environments such as .NET, Java, Eclipse, and more. SAPhường. PowerDesigner software is primarily used for database kiến thiết & implementation, và you can fully control your database. With SAP.. PowerDesigner you can also draw và Model ERD charts.

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Create view 360 degrees of assets keyImplementation of data on the best way lớn manage the flow of information between all phases of the businessRecording , speech management và to giới thiệu all levels of metadataProvide information consistent , time và place needed , to lớn improve sầu decision -makingImplementation of governance and accountability in the assets of key data and support compliance of regulationsAbility khổng lồ tóm tắt & transfer information with high securitySupport the needs of productivity và collaboration & transparencyLeverage asmix information lớn support the goals of the business và strategy

The previous name of this software was Sybase PowerDesigner.

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To view all features of SAPhường. applications PowerDesigner are here lớn see

Microsoft Windows 7 ,8 ,8.1 or Microsoft Windows Server 2008 or 20121.0 GHz processor1GB RAM (but the more the better with a graphical tool like PowerDesigner; most customers have 2GB or more).Scard VGA or higher-resolution graphics adapter và compatible color monitor (800×600)Up lớn 500MB for installation of all the core modules that 3D the Enterprise Architect Edition.


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