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DESCRIPTIONSJust lượt thích the name it says, Wc3isk or Warcraft III Inventory Short Key is a hotkey tool lớn use with inventory. It was first name as Warcraft III Inventory Shortcut Key. But I think the name Active Inventory HotKey is better, anyhow I stick with the oldies. Wc3isk is best used for fast bộ combo items’ skills, It remaps your keyboard say, F1 inkhổng lồ numpad 1, so that you can use the sản phẩm much more faster without hassle. You don’t need khổng lồ be extremely precisely on mouse cliông chồng on the map then your inventory & then on your opponents. This tool is just like a keyboard driver, not lượt thích other tools, it does not haông xã into lớn Warcraft III. So, it is safe khổng lồ use with or Garena.

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FEATURES- Support Multitruyền thông Keyboard & Gaming Keyboard.- Support 5-buttons Wheel Mouse.- Support chatting (native) (v2.1 or newer).- Work lượt thích a keyboard driver.- Does not hachồng into lớn Warcraft III or Garena.- Legal khổng lồ all Anti-Virus.- Only one single file, extract và run.- Very Small (77KBs).

NOTE- This tool is NOT warkey (FYI: warkey is just a name of a hot-key tool lượt thích wc3isk)- Config dialog tự động hóa show up when running program for the first time.- Keyboard control software (eg: Setpoint, itouch…) should be turn off.- Keyboard Hot-key ON/OFF (F7) can be changed.- You can press hot-key while holding Shift for way point function.- Using Shift with <1>, <2>, <3> … will make a glitch which mix focus on your unit / anh hùng.- Enable Wheel tư vấn will also lochồng scroll wheel.- In Windows 7, wc3isk must run under administrator privilege (Run as Administrator).- Alt-F4 is reserved for fast closing.- Annoying balloon tips can be disabled in tab “Info…”.- Series v2.1 are special builds for DoTA, maybe incompatible with other maps.- Version for x86 system will also work in x64 system but it comes with some unexpected bugs.

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ISSUE- SPACE is not working. You want it, you have to accept that so-call buggy.- Number button (above button QWERTY) when use with Shift will make conflict. Combination Shift + <1> will mix <1> with function “focus on hero” also overridden numpad function. There is no cure for this, not for version 2.1rc7 or older version.

LICENSEThis program is a free-beer-ware, (you lượt thích it, you buy me a beer). When you are using or distributing this program, please follow these rules:- This program is not for trading, selling or any commercial purpose. If you pay for it, get refund.- I take no responsibility when your system is going down, crash, BSoD, or infected with vi khuẩn, malware, keylogger… Use at your own risk.




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-Wc3isk v2.1rc6 source code.-For enthusiast programmer-gamer-Visual studio 2010 project