why Excel cannot complete this task with the available resources methods, that help khổng lồ fix the issue how can help you

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About the error "Excel cannot complete this task with the available resources"

Excel users have long và successfully used the program khổng lồ solve sầu all kinds of tasks in any field.

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The program is able to solve sầu various kinds of problems: mathematical, logistical, financial, economic, and many others. However, if your tables are too bulky và complex, then there is a chance that the program will not be able to handle it và will produce some errors. The error “Excel cannot complete this task with the available resources” is unlikely to allow you khổng lồ work properly with your files and may violate the file’s integrity.

Therefore, you need to lớn khuyến mãi with this situation as soon as possible.

Signs of an error

Of course, the most important symptom of an error is a message about it và your inability to lớn edit the table; sometimes it is even impossible lớn open the file.

Excel cannot complete this task with the available resources issue

At the same time, you will be asked to giảm giá with active sầu applications and with the release of additional storage space. Basically, nothing more will bother you. It should only be understood that ignoring this error could lead to the loss of tables in general, so if they are important lớn you, you should khuyễn mãi giảm giá with the error immediately.

Why the “Excel cannot complete this task...” issue happens

Excel has certain boundaries, beyond which you can stumble upon the error “Excel cannot complete this task with the available resources”; namely:

Exceeding the limit of rows in the table (1000). Exceeding the limit of characters in one cell (32,767). Exceeding the limit of cycle functions; if there are more than 64, then a conflict will definitely happen và the program will fail.

This is not the only cause: insufficient không lấy phí disk space can also harm the normal operation of the application.

Also, when trying lớn change the name of a saved tệp tin or deleting it, the “Excel cannot complete this task with the available resources” error may bother you.

So let"s find a great solution lớn this!

Method 1. How many workbooks & apps are opened at the same time?

Most often, the error occurs with active workbooks with more than two copies. The easiest way to lớn solve the problem in this situation is to lớn cthua thảm everything và then open only one workbook. Most likely, you will not see the error any longer.

This can also be done through the Task Manager: display all active tasks and make sure that there is only one Excel tệp tin. If not, cthất bại them, after saving the tệp tin being used.

Method 2. How about the limits?

You definitely need khổng lồ kiểm tra if you are not exceeding the limits mix by the program.

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The main limits are described above, và you can familiarize yourself with all of them on the official Microsoft Office website. If you notice some limits being exceeded, eliminate them immediately và reopen the tệp tin. This is usually enough to fix this harmful error.

Method 3. Try Excel in safe mode

In safe mode, it is easy and simple to lớn kiểm tra application add-ins and disable those that do not work correctly.

Press the hotkeys WINDOWS + R. Then enter “excel.exe pháo /safe”. After that, click on OK. Congratulations, you are in safe mode. Now carefully Reviews the add-ons and fix or delete the bad và unnecessary ones.

If you face this issue - try khổng lồ launch the Excel in safe mode

After that, the application should work lượt thích a cloông xã. If this did not happen, do not worry; another method will certainly help.

Method 4. No more defined names

A named range is the area of cells for which the user has a specific name.

This name is treated by Excel as the address of the specified area. If you use this function when working with tables, problems may arise. This can be the case if you define names that indirectly refer khổng lồ other nested names, và their depth is more than đôi mươi levels. When you delete or add such names, an error may appear.

Chechồng your names again và make sure that you vì not have sầu a similar situation. If you vị, rename the cells according to the requirements of the application. After that, everything should be fine.

Method 5. Restore Excel files with Excel Recovery!

If you still could not open the file or the tables were deleted, this is not the over of the world!

They can always be returned using Excel Recovery.

The application restores all types and types of tables of any size, regardless of the reasons for the loss of files. Like all other products, this application has a wizard that will help you at every stage of the recovery process. The Preview function allows you lớn verify the chất lượng of data recovery at no cost khổng lồ you. Only when you want to lớn export tables to a specific storage location, will you need a license for the full version.

You can quickly buy it on the manufacturer’s website without risking anything. Data export is possible to lớn any disk (hard drive, flash drive, etc.), though it"s better that it be a different drive from the original to lớn avoid overwriting data.

As you can see, there is a way out of any situation! Therefore, go for it!

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