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Whenever you need lớn sover an image file or document through gmail, you may come up with a problem. Most email services have a maximum allowed kích cỡ for the email"s attachment file and in case the document or image file is larger than the allowed kích thước, the gmail will not be sent & an error will be received by the user. Fortunately, there is a solution for lowering the form size of any image or document. This is now possible by using FILEminimizer Suite, a Windows application which allows you khổng lồ reduce the kích cỡ of almost any image file or document, without compromising its quality & functionality. After installing the application, the user will first need khổng lồ import the tệp tin or group of files that should have their kích thước reduced. FILEminimizer Suite is compatible with a large number of graphical and document formats, like JPEG, PDF, PPT, DOC, XLS and so on. After having imported the desired files into lớn the program"s interface, one should use the slider located in the lower part of the interface for adjusting the compression màn chơi for images và documents. These compression settings range from lossy to lossless. The lossy compression offers the highest tệp tin kích cỡ reduction, but may also reduce the quality of the graphics located inside a document. In case the user is not happy with the compression settings offered by FILEminimizer Suite, he can use custom settings và adjust the compression màn chơi for each kind of tệp tin format manually. After the compression settings have been configured, the user can either optimize the files và then save sầu them or optimize them & send them as email attachments directly. Still, an email client should be installed into the operating system for this feature to lớn work. Pros: It offers tư vấn for a wide range of graphical và document formats. What"s more, it offers several compression settings which can be easily accessed using a slider. Furthermore, it offers custom compression settings according to lớn each tệp tin type. Moreover, it can directly skết thúc compressed files through tin nhắn, as attachments. Cons: The gmail sending feature doesn"t work without having an email client installed into lớn the operating system. FILEminimizer Suite allows you to easily compress any image or document file format and sover it as an tin nhắn attachment directly. You can tải về FILEminimizer Suite miễn phí here.

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FILEminimizer Suite has been reviewed by Jerome Johnston on 08 Jan 2013. Based on the user interface, features và complexity, has rated FILEminimizer Suite 5 out of 5 stars, naming it Essential