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What is the difference between I forgot to lớn do it, I forgot doing it and I forgot vì it?

The meaning of REMEMBER và FORGET changes depending on whether it is followed by the Gerund or Infinitive forms. Be careful - using the wrong khung gives the opposite meaning!Take this Free Quiz + Lesson below lớn make sure you underst& the difference between REMEMBER & FORGET with GERUND or INFINITIVE, & avoid saying the opposite of what you mean.

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These two verbs have sầu different meanings depending on whether they are followed by a GERUND or an INFINITIVE. Even very advanced English learners sometimes make mistakes with these verbs!Take a look at these examples with the verb FORGET:

1. I forgot posting the birthday card to lớn my mother so I was surprised when she called me to say thank you.2. I forgot lớn post the birthday thẻ to lớn my mother so I apologised on the telephone when I called lớn wish her Happy Birthday.

In sentence 1, with FORGOT + GERUND, the actions happened in this order: First, I posted the birthday card but then second, I forgot that I had done it. So my mother received the thẻ because I had posted it.

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In sentence 2, with FORGOT + INFINITIVE the actions happened in this order: First, I forgot and second, I did not post the birthday thẻ. So mother did not receive it on her birthday.  

The verb REMEMBER has the same grammar, as you can see here:

3. I remember telling hlặng about the meeting, so I am surprised that he did not attend.

4. I’m glad I remembered to tell him about the meeting because it was important for hyên khổng lồ attend.

In sentence 3, with REMEMBER + GERUND, it happened in this order: First, I told hlặng about the meeting and then second, I remembered that I had done it.

In sentence 4, with REMEMBER + INFINITIVE, the order was as follows: First I remembered and second, I told him about the meeting. So this is the grammar rule:REMEMBER/FORGET + GERUND means THE GERUND ACTION HAPPENS FIRST.


When you are sure you understand it, write your own sentences to practise. That’s all for Audio Word Study # 106 from