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Gaho Profile; Gaho Facts

Gaho (가호) is a South Korean solo artist under Planetarium Records. He debuted as a soloist with the single “Stay here” on the 5th May, 2018.

Stage Name: Gaho (가호)Birth Name: Kang Dae-ho (강대호)Birthday: September 14th, 1997Zodiac Sign: VirgoInstagram:
gaho88882970Youtube: Gaho

Gaho Facts: -He works as a producer as well as a songwriter -Gaho’s stage name was his nickname while growing up & means “Blessings of God” -He is part of PLT, which is not a group but a record label, where he releases music in collaboration with other solo artists under the same label -Gaho is part of “Alphadict”, an 8 membered crew, along with some other soloists from PLT (Soundcloud: AlphaDict) -He joined the label as a result of gotten khổng lồ know the other artists due to lớn high school, forming of “Alphadict” together and also being friends with them -The first tuy nhiên he produced was “Come to me”, the OST for the drama “While you were sleeping” -Before his official debut as a Soloist he thanh lịch “Time” as OST for the Kdrama “Time” -Gaho often falls asleep in the studio -On December 11st, 2018 he released his first mini album “Preparation for a Jouney” -He thinks his voice is his attractive point -On July 10th, 2019 he opened his Youtube channel -At a young age, Gaho used to be a little shy -He used khổng lồ write songs on the staircases at school after getting kicked out of class for talking -Fans hotline Gaho “vocal king”, which makes hyên feel honored and flattered -The first thing he does in the morning is shaving

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