said to someone who has just said or done something stupid, especially something that shows they are not noticing what is happening:

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I am entirely confident that our initiative on golden hellos for modern foreign languages this year will bring about equally good results.
They introduced golden hellos for maths & science graduates, which are being extended lớn other subjects, such as languages.
Three years ago, in 1998, we introduced the golden hellos—real money lớn recruit people who would teach in shortage subjects— và the scheme worked.
Despite "golden hellos" & other blandishments, applications for teacher training are 14 per cent down on 1997.
We want khổng lồ know what companies pay by way, for example, of transfer fees, golden hellos, to lớn directors.
I am not complacent, but application numbers were up, & the golden hellos caused the first reverse for a while in the decline of maths applications.
Training bursaries worth £6,000 have been introduced lớn attract more graduates inlớn teaching, with new style golden hellos, of £4,000 for those who go on to teach in shortage subjects.
When we considered the matter, we came up with bursaries, golden hellos, training salaries, wiping off student loans, and keeping people in teaching by offering them professional tư vấn.
I suspect that that is partly the result of the golden hellos that have been introduced, which will go some way towards paying off student loans.
In key subjects such as maths, despite the golden hellos, there has been a fivefold increase in the number of vacancies since 1997, which is a serious problem.
To the "ringing phone" summons of the caller (line 0), the answerer responds with yeposeyyo: : " "hello: : " " (line 1).

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to lớn press something, especially a mixture for making bread, firmly and repeatedly with the hands và fingers

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