Thanks lớn USB sticks it’s now possible to put ISO images onkhổng lồ them & then boot the computer straight from the stiông xã instead of burning them out to lớn CD or DVD. This is a real plus if you don’t have an optical drive sầu in your machine. Depending on the tốc độ of your pen stiông chồng USB could be much faster than using even the faschạy thử ROM drives. There are several tools available for all kinds of disc images khổng lồ be written to lớn USB, but each image could use a different loader lớn boot from which means there isn’t one single foolproof way of putting any image onlớn USB stick.

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For example, a useful tool khổng lồ put Windows 7 onkhổng lồ USB called WiNToBootic might be good for Windows 7, but is of no use for other ISO images. As most of us know, one of the best all round recovery and repair CD’s is Hiren’s BootCD and has long been one of the most valuable discs you could have in your repair toolkit. But getting Hiren from it’s default distribution format of ISO onlớn USB isn’t completely straightforward and you can’t just grab any ISO to lớn USB tool và expect it to lớn be successful.

The “official” method khổng lồ achieve sầu Hiren lớn USB direct from the Hiren website is getting a little old now & involves manually formatting the stick, installing the boot loader and then copying the files over from the ISO yourself. Thankfully there are much easier ways to lớn get the job done with little more than a few mouse clicks.

Here’s 5 easy ways lớn install Hiren’s BootCD onto lớn USB stick with the minimum of fuss, all you need is a copy of the Hiren’s BootCD ISO. The good news is that none of these tools need to be installed on your machine khổng lồ be able to lớn vì it because they’re all portable.
1. Rufus

Rufus is a great little tool that can write a number of different ISO images onto USB. In addition to lớn Hiren it can also write a number of Linux & Windows based images, & also install a version MS-DOS or FreeDOS which is useful for such tasks as BIOS flashing. There’s also the option khổng lồ run a multiple pass scan lớn kiểm tra the USB stiông xã or a memory card for bad bloông chồng errors.


Using Rufus lớn write Hiren onlớn USB could barely get any easier, simply run the program and make sure your correct USB stick is selected (it will format all devices it writes lớn beforehand). Then cliông xã the browse for ISO button (arrowed) và locate the Hiren ISO image tệp tin. Click Start to write. You don’t need to lớn change any other options unless you know what you’re doing. There’s also a useful log tệp tin button which can give you more detail if there’s a failure in the process.

Rufus works with Windows XP. & newer operation systems & is proven lớn be one of the fasdemo tools around at doing this type of task.

Download Rufus


SARDU is certainly a powerful tool for creating bootable USB sticks including multiple boot options. In this program a lot of the effort is taken out of the process of you finding the ISO images you want to include yourself. Most of the antivirut, utility, Linux and Windows images supported from within the program can be downloaded directly from within the SARDU program itself, or you will be pointed to lớn the relevant website to get the ISO. Simply clichồng the button on the image you’re interested in khổng lồ find out more or tải về.


Ironically Hiren isn’t one of those images that can be downloaded from SARDU so you will already need khổng lồ have it, but creating a USB Hiren is very easy in spite of the wealth of options and functions available. After you download và extract the SARDU zip you will need khổng lồ copy the Hiren ISO into lớn the ISO folder so it gets picked up by the program. After that run the sardu.exe or the sardu_64.exe pháo.

Go khổng lồ the Utility tab và make sure the Hiren’s BootCD entry has a tick by it, if not, kiểm tra you have put the ISO tệp tin in the correct thư mục, it also needs the word “Hiren” somewhere in the tệp tin name. Then click “Search USB” for your pen stichồng to lớn get picked up, and finally cliông chồng the xanh “Make a USB” button underneath.

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Download SARDU

3. UNetbootin

This tool also has the ability khổng lồ directly tải về a number of Linux, antivirut and utility ISO images from the original developer websites in addition khổng lồ images you already have. There is also an interesting feature that will install the ISO onlớn your hard drive sầu partition without destroying your data if you don’t have sầu a USB stiông xã. A function best left khổng lồ experienced users.


Although UNetbootin can create a Hiren distribution on USB stick, there is a problem with the initial Hiren boot menu, but that can be easily rectified. When you run the program, select the Diskimage radio button and then use the button lớn browse for the Hiren ISO. Make sure Type is set to lớn the mặc định “USB Drive” và choose your pen stick’s drive letter from the Drive drop down. OK starts the process.

If you run the USB stiông chồng now the main menu will not function correctly & Mini XP. will be missing for one thing. To correct this, open the pen stick in Explorer, go into lớn the hbcd thư mục & rename the isolinux.cfg tệp tin lớn syslinux.cfg. Then copy it and go bachồng in lớn the root of the pen stiông xã, and paste the tệp tin overwriting the original syslinux.cfg tệp tin. This will put the original menu baông chồng.

UNetbootin is cross platkhung with support for Windows 200, XP.., Vista, 7, Linux or Mac OS X. The resulting bootable USB’s will only be Windows compatible though.

Download UNetbootin

4. Universal USB Installer

Universal USB Installer is another really easy program to lớn use and requires very little effort from the user lớn get the Hiren ISO onkhổng lồ USB. Like SARDU and UNetbootin it too has the facility to lớn tải về a vast array of Linux and other distributions by directly sending the links lớn your browser for tải về. A tichồng box will appear in step 1 if a tải về is available. Hiren’s BootCD is not downloadable using this method though.


Start the program và select Hiren’s BootCD from the drop down (it’s near the bottom), and then cliông chồng to lớn browse for the ISO on you computer. Step 3 will then become visible where you can select the USB stick’s drive sầu letter và choose whether to lớn format the device before writing the data. When you clichồng Create there will be a confirmation dialog of the following actions to be performed.

Download Universal USB Installer


YUXiaoMi MI (Your Universal Multiboot Installer) is by the same developer as Universal USB Installer above sầu (pendrivelinux.com) and is quite similar, but offers the added ability of making your USB stiông chồng multi boot complete with its own boot menu.


Usage is almost the same as Universal USB Installer apart from the interface is laid out in a slightly different order. Select your USB stichồng & whether you want to format it first, then find and select Hiren’s BootCD from the các mục of distributions. Browse for the ISO you already have sầu & finally clichồng the Create button.

When the process completes a window will pop up asking if you want to add another distribution to lớn the USB stiông chồng thus creating a multi boot device. If you choose to lớn bởi vì this, it will take you baông chồng to lớn the main window above where you can select another ISO image to be written khổng lồ the stiông chồng.