Holdem Manager 2 Versus Poker Tracker 4

Playing poker is becoming more and more competitive sầu và the days when it was enough to lớn raise preflop & c-bet to take down the money are gone. There are tons of information available on the internet, and even the weaker players have some basic knowledge. Therefore, you should utilize every possible tool at your disposal khổng lồ increase your edge.

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This is why most successful players are using the help of additional poker software. The two most popular programs in this regard are Poker Tracker và Hold’em Manager. Both have sầu gone a long way & their latest versions, PT 4 and HM 2 respectively, are exceptional tools that provide a significant advantage on và off the table.



You can use the software to lớn extract your poker hands histories, analyze your game & plug leaks after the sessions. On top of that, you can use real-time stats of your opponents to find spots to lớn exploit them while playing. Simply put, using the proper poker tools is invaluable. This raises the logical question, which is the best program out there? It’s certainly one of those two, và today we will go through a couple of different factors và try khổng lồ find out which one is the best.


Everybody toàn thân who used any of the two tools knows that they bởi require some resources & are hardly the lighthử nghiệm programs out there. That is not a big problem if you have sầu dedicated poker PC, but if you are running it on your five-year-old máy tính xách tay, you need to consider it. This is why I decided lớn see how the frameworks of both Poker Tracker 4 and Hold’em Manager 2 is built.

The former seems to lớn be the clear winner here, as it uses less memory compared khổng lồ HM2. Both programs use MySQL for their databases, but PT 2 sends a query each time you need some information. In contrast, Hold’em Manager 2 keeps the full info cached in the memory, và that is why the software is much slower.

1 point lớn Poker Tracker 4

User Interface

Since both programs have tons of features, sections, charts, và graphs, the user interface is quite significant. You will need some time to lớn get used to both products, but it seems like Poker Tracker is better in this category.

The color scheme of the layout is much more intuitive compared to HM2. On top of that, most of the menus and buttons of PT4 seem to lớn be easier to underst&. Of course, it’s a subjective matter, but it seems that most people learn to lớn work with Poker Tracker 4 much faster.

1 point to Poker Tracker 4



One of the most important things about programs is the opportunity khổng lồ add, remove sầu, và edit filters. In fact, there are poker coaches charging people for merely showing them the proper configuration of PT4 và HM3. This is why I decide khổng lồ include this section và take a more in-depth look at the filters offered. Also, I will take into account how easy it is to lớn configure them.

To be fair, both programs are exceptional when it comes to lớn filtering which is probably the reason those are the two most popular products on the market. Let’s start with Hold’em Manager 2. Once again, the program is more intuitive compared khổng lồ its competitor. It offers plenty of different filters and sets of filters that are premade.

This saves time & gives each inexperienced user a good starting point when creating reports and searching for leaks in his game. If you want more advanced look inkhổng lồ these options, I have a great course covering how to lớn find mistakes and analyze your game! Simply put, finding the correct filters with HM2 is fast và easy and it is my preferred option.

However, Poker Tracker 4 shows some muscles in this category as well. While it lacks the simplithành phố & ease of use of HM2, it is more flexible in other areas. You can create your filters from scratch and use the “AND”, “NOT”, & “OR” functions lớn add, remove, or combine all kinds of conditions.

While the process is much more time-consuming compared to HM2, it allows you lớn be more precise và break your reports in many situations. Obviously, this is handy in some areas, but 99% of player will not feel this advantage & sticking with HM2 will be a faster và more natural option.

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1 point khổng lồ Holdem Manager 2

Heads Up Display (HUD)

The Heads Up Display or simply HUD is probably the main reason people use these programs. The feature provides real-time data for each player on the table & includes all the stats you have for your opponents (Much more than just VPIP. & PFR stats). This provides an immense advantage, as you have sầu very solid predictors of the behavior of each player on the table và can adjust your strategy accordingly.

Let us start with the HUD of Poker Tracker 4. It comes with a couple of predefined configurations that can help users who don’t have a clue. All the essential data is included, and you can quickly add/remove sầu stats by drag-and-dropping individual data pieces.

Another critical component is that you can quickly add color benchmarks that will indicate when a certain number is in the range you’re looking for. The overall impression is that Poker Tracker 4 has a robust HUD and will provide everything you need.

Let’s move sầu on lớn the competition and see how things st& with Hold’em Manager 2. The first thing we noticed is that there are more default configurations of the HUD. This means that beginners will probably have an easier time finding a working thiết đặt.

If you decide khổng lồ customize the HUD, it’s a bit harder compared to lớn PT4, và you will need more time khổng lồ get hold of every option. However, the program has some excellent add-ons such as notecaddy pop-ups. This is the difference-maker, as it enables you to get extremely powerful custom stats and could give you an extra edge on the table.

So, in my opinion, PT4 is easier khổng lồ use, but when you underst& nuances of these apps HM2 gives you more options and that what matters at the over.

One final note here. I recommkết thúc you to lớn find a coach or pay for pre-made configuration, as the HUD is crucial. Unless you have tons of experience, you probably won’t be able to get the best out of it on your own.

1 point to lớn Holdem Manager 2


Additional Poker Software

Both Poker Tracker 4 & Hold’em Manager 2 have sầu a bunch of extra applications that work with the main software. They are related lớn finding leaks, easier multi-tabling, odds calculation, having advanced stats and many more.

This is probably the area where there is the biggest difference between the two programs. Simply put, Poker Tracker 4 decided lớn add plenty of additional tools that are miễn phí khổng lồ use while Hold’em Manager’s add-ons come at a price.

As you could expect, the paid versions are much better and are worth it, if you have sầu the desire to lớn invest. The tools of PT4 are not bad, but are way more limited and won’t have such a significant impact on your game.

If you want lớn increase your edge even more than take a look at a menu of the best poker tools & put some of those weapons in your arsenal!

1 point to lớn Holdem Manager 2

So Hold’Em Manager 2 or Poker Tracker 4?

It’s time lớn draw the line & see which tracking software is better. To be fair, both have their advantages, but the match ended 3:2 with a slight edge of Holdem Manager 2. 

In my opinion, HM2 is slightly better and prevails if you are ready lớn pay for the extra tools that come with the program & want more powerful options. Moreover, it gives you more advantages for cash games & probably even MTTs, but if you are playing Spin & Goes than PT4 will help you more. So in the kết thúc, you should choose based on your preferred game, but my vote goes khổng lồ HM2.

Both Holdem Manager 2 & Poker Tracker 4 has FREE TRIALS so you can get both & see for yourself!