I started wondering if its time khổng lồ start utilizing some of the dota 2 settings... Quickcast, maps hero icons, etc. ANYTHING.

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I play default aside from the thành công hotkeys which i base on Heroes of Newerth style default lol .

What bởi vì the pros do?


Bind directional move sầu to a hotkey. When a Wiley earth shaker blocks you off you can override pathing by using this.

This is what I use. Not quite 100% optimized but pretty cthảm bại.


Advanced Hotkeys


Advanced Options


A lot of it is personal preference, but some stuff is pretty important. Invert alternative text toggle -> always see nhân vật icons on minimap, much more useful than colors. Holding alternative text shows neutral spawns/tower attaông chồng range -> position your anh hùng perfectly when you're interacting with those. Display names over healthbar: nothing -> less useless screen clutter. I bind the current time khổng lồ F3 in autoexec and press it 2x when rosh is taken, then type out the expire time & ctrl-c + enter it so i don't ever have to lớn scroll up in chat lớn look at it, just ctrl-v to lớn check. Lots of stuff like that. Also make sure you have sầu a hotkey set for every single thing you could possibly need. If you post your settings I can give some better specific recommendations.

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2 years ago

Didn't they ruin auto exec? Does yours still work?

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Some things I swear by,

Premix control groups for nhân vật, other units, & all units. I hate making & remaking control groups during games, especially during fights. Mostly for Chen, Ench, & anyone with a HotD or Necro. Some people like having a hotkey for each unit though.

Quichồng cast. I want to lớn say this is mandatory, playing with additional clicking khổng lồ use spells just makes it harder khổng lồ combo và use abilities quickly và is borderline handicapping yourself. I prefer quickcast on upkey so that you can still hold the skill khổng lồ see the range or area.

Alt for double tap. Playing with double tap is just asking for misused spells, I don't care how careful you are.

All of it is preference to an extent. Just play with what you find comfortable, and try to mix up your controls that allow you khổng lồ do everything in the minimal amount of actions.

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You can customize which skills you use quickcast with? how bởi vì you do that? Looks like I need khổng lồ start using quickcast!

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Honestly I dont think quick cast is necessary, but yên ổn an old school player thats phối in my ways.

I will say my favorite change is maximizing minimaps icons khổng lồ increase maps awareness.

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3 years ago

2.2k here and climbing.

Shift: Grab runes và queue other abilities.

Alt: First, set mini-map settings to lớn show which hero is where on map và also kiểm tra distance for wards/towers.

Quickcast: Quickcast is necessary for certain heroes, such as Ember Spirit: Slight Of Fist + Searing Chains, & useful for heroes with Blinks Dagger, such as Legion Commander: Blink + Duel, or Anti-Mage: Blink 1,000 times a game.

I can rethành viên right now, but it’s either (Alt+Cast or Ctrl+Cast), with quickcast, is a self-cast that is extremely valuable for certain heroes, such as Earth Spirit: Drops rock directly in front of anh hùng.

4. Side Mouse: If you have sầu a mouse with side buttons, use one for “Press mouse button 4 khổng lồ go khổng lồ Hero” và the other for “Press mouse button 5 khổng lồ go khổng lồ Courier.”

5. Units: Set a key to “Grab all units under your control” example, I can press F to grab all of my PL illusions and then press mouse button khổng lồ go baông xã to my solo nhân vật. Also helps with Nature’s Prophet’s trees lớn target a single tower or enemy.

6. Ctrl: Use lớn give sầu away items, such as wards. Has many other uses, but I can’t think right now.