Frasa untuk menyatakan setuju dalam bahasa inggris

Actually, I agree with you.For once, I agree with you.

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I agree with you that these are challenges.On the contrary, I agree with you.I agree with you, Miss Brent.I agree with you, Mr. Levov.

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I agree with you about Balzac.So, I agree with you.

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I disagree with you on this matter just as much as I agreed with you this afternoon concerning the Korean shipbuilding policy.When you talked about inviting the members of the applicant countries" parliaments khổng lồ be present at the enlargement debate here, I agreed with you, but my immediate reaction was to lớn wonder where were they going to sit.I said I agreed with you.No, you said she was my girlfriend & I agreed with you, so technically...No, she didn"t use my reply, because I agreed with you.But I agreed with you, so...I agreed with you because you"re right.No, you said that, and I agreed with you.

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I disagree with you or I disagree you? I disagree with you or I am disagree with you? agree with you or agreed with you? I kindomain authority agree with you or I kind of agree with you? We agree with you or We are agree with you? I am agree with you. or I agree with you. ?

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