What Is The Meaning Of "I'M So Into You

It was lượt thích a romantic dialog but i don"t know the exact meaning. So i have 2 questions:1. What does it mean?2. I think it means "Do you love me?" . If this meaning is right, which one is more polite? "I love u" or "I"m into you" ? What"s the difference?


lớn be into lớn something means that you are very interested in it. For example (& the following examples are very typical uses of this expression, by the way):

I"m into computers.

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This means that you"re very interested in the field of computer technology. You have lots of computers at trang chủ, you read books about operating systems, programming languages và things lượt thích that. In other words, you"re a computer buff.

Another example:

Sorry, I"m not gay. I"m only inkhổng lồ girls.

This means that you"re only interested in dating girls và not men because you are heterosexual.

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Are you into me?

Here, the person probably wants to lớn know whether the other person he or she is talking with has feelings of lãng mạn love sầu for them. Basically, she or he wants khổng lồ know if the other person likes her or hyên (in other words, wants lớn know if the other person is interested in them romantically).

Simply put, I"m inlớn you is a slang way to lớn say I love you.

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This person is obviously saying they like you. "I"m inlớn you" which is stating that they like you & interested in you.

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