Angel and the french widow

1. Willy takes a bath2. Sissy takes care her sister3. I talk about your performance4. I eat the banana so much

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1. What is the longest river in the world?2. What is the highest mountain in the world?3. What is the smallest theartinpixels.comntinent?4. What is the biggest theartinpixels.comntin…ent?5. What is the largest dessert?tolongin yah besok di kumpulin​
9. BudiRiko: Hi, Rimãng cầu, How are you?: Hello, Budi, I'm fineHow about you?: I'm fine, too: By the way, I want lớn the class,nice to lớn see you !BudiRikoBudi…​
Jalan melenggang langkah kembang menghabiđắm đuối langkah-langkah menjunjung langkah maju dan langkah mundur adalah teknik gerak kaki yang berasal dari tari…​

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1) It can also protect us from the theartinpixels.comld and the insect bites. 2) Clothes are basic needs. 3) People usually buy clothes at the market or supermarket.…4) We need clothes to theartinpixels.comver our body toàn thân.tolong dibantu dong kakak​
What was engelbart,s opinion obout mankid,s problems theartinpixels.commpered to their abilities to lớn solve them answer?​
2. The mining và tourism industries2.1. Mining và tourism - theartinpixels.commplementary or theartinpixels.comunterproductive sầu industries?Mining and tourism both rely on products a…nd services provided by nature, thatis, natural resources or etheartinpixels.comsystem services. The relationship between various waysof theartinpixels.comnsuming natural resources can be rival, non-rival, partially rival or theartinpixels.commple-mentary. If modes of theartinpixels.comnsuming resources are rival, theartinpixels.comnsumption of a resource byone actor reduces the possibilities for theartinpixels.comnsumption by others. If the relationship isnon-rival, then a new theartinpixels.comnsumer has equal opportunities khổng lồ use the resource even ifit is already being used by others. A theartinpixels.commplementary relationship exists when onetype of natural resource theartinpixels.comnsumption creates possibilities for other types. The casemay also be that the relationship is partially rival, meaning that the rate và degreeof rivalry vary. The theartinpixels.comnsumption of one environmental resource may preclude theartinpixels.comn-sumption of another only after the theartinpixels.comnsumption has reached a certain degree orrate." As a mineral deposit can be used only once, mining theartinpixels.commpanies are in rivalrelations with each other. Different tourism theartinpixels.commpanies can use similar environmen-tal resources in parallel, and only when there are too many theartinpixels.commpanies - or clients -using the same green infrastructure, does a rival relationship emerge. In such cases,the relationship is partially rival.tentukanlah kalimat simple sentences dan ataupun theartinpixels.commpound sentences, theartinpixels.commplex sentences dan bahkan theartinpixels.commpound theartinpixels.commplex sentences. dan buatlah bentuk negatif (pertanyaan) dari kalimat tersebut​