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Bạn đang xem: During or in the course of

‘he lost his youth in course of the trial’‘The plans for the new station are in course of preparation, but nothing definite has been decided in this connection pending the formation of the new terminal company.’‘When this judgment was in course of preparation counsel drew my attention lớn three additional cases.’‘It is prohibited lớn burn vegetation between the 1st of March & the 31st of August growing on any lvà which is at the time not cultivated or not in course of cultivation for agriculture or forestry.’‘The objection lớn the application was made by the man who was appointed manager of the establishment when it was in course of construction.’‘The company continued lớn invest in fleet upgrading with 40 new vehicles delivered during the year and a further 38 vehicles in course of delivery this month.’‘It therefore refers lớn what is aleatory, temporal và in course of development.’‘The chất lượng & degree of validation of decisions determine employment efficiency, cost & operational characteristics of the Air Force in course of development.’‘We all go through this process, and in the course of it we thất bại the ability just lớn be ourselves.’‘Suppose that the same gen produces many processed pseudogenes in the course of its evolution.’‘Single monomers undergo conformational changes in the course of the simulation.’

2During the specified period or activity.

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‘he was a friend lớn many people in the course of his life’
More example sentences
‘they became friends in the course of their long walks’‘A series of political crises in the course of this period mark the decay of the old bourgeois-democratic framework.’‘Only gradually in the course of this period were polities defined in clear terms of territory và explicit geographical sensibility.’‘Two years passed & I hadn"t seen the boy more than five sầu times in the course of that period.’‘How, then did the natural environment change in the course of this period?’‘That is indisputable, nevertheless, in the course of this period many battles took place.’‘Many of the children read over trăng tròn books in the course of a four week period.’‘This happened as the draft Broadcasting Bill made its way through Parliament in the course of 1980.’‘In course of their progress to lớn the finals, some excellent matches were played.’‘Retìm kiếm is needed lớn refine the interventions so they better address different types of families, in different situations, và at different points in course of illness.’‘Some natural mechanism for protection from light-induced damages should exist, since the eye developed in course of evolution under relatively stable conditions of lighting.’