Install-Blochồng password-protects the installation of new software và locks down existing software of your choice.

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Prevent users from installing, or un-installing, any program

Password-protect these actions for increased security or productivity. Ideal for employers, parents, & any shared/public environments.


Password-protect any program on your computer

Whether you need to lớn restrict access lớn sensitive software, prevent employees from wasting time on Solitaire, or are concerned about a child installing unknown programs, Install-Block offers an easy solution.


Deny access khổng lồ system tools & other Windows features

Prevent users from accessing the Start Menu, Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del), Control Panel applets, program settings, or other sensitive features.


Discounted Pricing

Licenses for multiple computers are substantially discounted versus the base price. The more PCs you have, the larger your discount. Get a quote.

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Network Administration

Install-Blochồng makes it easy lớn copy program settings onto lớn all of your networked computers at the same time. You can also view logs or enable/disable the software on each PC.

Remotely Grant Access

Administrators can remotely grant or deny access to lớn a blocked program on a networked machine. You can even grant someone one-time access via phone or tin nhắn, using a generated code specific lớn the action they are attempting.

Some of the world"s largest & best-known companies rely on Install-Bloông xã.

Our software is trusted by Fortune 500 companies, renowned universities, countless small businesses, & many parents. Give it a spin và see if we can meet your needs as well.
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Important Note: In this evaluation version, all password prompts will allow the password of "password", & users are informed. This makes the kiểm tra useful for evaluating the effectiveness of the software, but does not provide any real security.

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We provide secure ordering through PayPal. A PayPal tài khoản is not required - you can also select to lớn pay via credit or debit thẻ. Pay with Bitcoin. Multiple computers? Get a quote.