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Possible Duplicates: Difference between “in” & “into” When should “into” be used rather than “in to lớn,” và vice versa?

Since solar power is theoretically the most efficient energy source on earth, shouldn"t we invest more in harnessing it?

As I was writing the sentence above sầu, I became uncertain as to whether I should write in or into, and thereby doubted whether I really understood the difference. Please explain.

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The following Ngram indicates that "invest in" occurs nearly 400 times more frequently than "invest into". Personally, I have sầu always heard "invest in", never "invest into".

Since usage ultimately defines language, I would not tkết thúc lớn fight "invest in" merely because of the current definition of "in". There are many examples of words having different meanings in different contexts; "in" is one of them.

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We always use invest in something & not invest into lớn something. Checking both CALD và OALD shows no usage of invest into, though the latter lists invests on.

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I hope you will be able khổng lồ see their differences from their meanings:


–preposition 1. lớn the inside of; in toward: He walked inlớn the room. The train chugged inlớn the station. 2. toward or in the direction of: going inkhổng lồ town. 3. to a point of tương tác with; against: backed inkhổng lồ a parked oto.

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–preposition 1. (used khổng lồ indicate inclusion within space, a place, or limits): walking in the park. 2. (used khổng lồ indicate inclusion within something abstract or immaterial): in politics; in the autumn. 3. (used khổng lồ indicate inclusion within or occurrence during a period or limit of time): in ancient times; a task done in ten minutes.

In is used khổng lồ indicate inclusion within; into is used when there is movement.

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