a wild animal from Africa and Asia that looks like a dog, hunts in groups, and makes a sound similar lớn a human laugh

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Nâng cao vốn tự vựng của công ty với English Vocabulary in Use từọc các từ bỏ bạn phải giao tiếp một bí quyết lạc quan.

Can you say you moved from ethology lớn ethnography, from mechanical things like hyena gnawing khổng lồ more demanding patters of human behaviour?
In social facilitation experiments with hyenas in captivity, when one individual drinks, the probability that an observing individual will drink in the next few minutes is 70%.
But if all such judgments were made in terms of mere perceptual similarity, one would expect warthogs và hyenas to lớn be put together in one category và lions in another.
This campaign, which featured the imaginative sầu use of hyenas, was continued during 1993, và another "burst" of it is planned again soon.
If it does make losses then the party opposite will howl lượt thích hyenas about the way nationalisation fails and has failed in the past.
It is perhaps one reason for not describing people as hyenas & baboons when one says one wants to negotiate.
Every child that has gone down lớn its grave sầu is the result of the policy which you have sầu supported with this grinning hyena in front of you.
Of course, in nature, wolves, jackals, hyenas, other groups of dogs, và so on, pursue other animals quite cruelly & persistently wherever nature is left to lớn itself.
When farming falls upon difficult times it seems as though a pack of wolves or hyenas gather round the farming community and try khổng lồ pull it even further down.
The palace overlooks the sanctuary, which is a reserve sầu for reptiles, tigers, nilgai, sambhar, wild boars, hyenas, panthers, và jackals.

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