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People often use Main Street lớn talk about average Americans & the most typical things about American life:
small businesses, considered as a group, especially when compared khổng lồ larger, more powerful companies or organizations:
The background, which represents the main street of that suburb not far from the heath, was painted on the spot.
These industrial areas were then provided with only one main street in order to lớn keep them không tính tiền for future development.
This leaves us with a series of rooms that ran from the facade towards the main street lớn the facade towards the yard.
It appears unrelated to the adjacent main street, perceptible site boundaries, and even the architects" neighbouring maintenance depot.
In addition, the space near the main streets carried high values và the value diminished the further one went away from the main street.
At times, one wonders how they get through the main street when there is a large lorry coming the other way.
Paragraph (b) forbids, for example, a notice in a main street pointing the way to a betting office in a side turning.
Elderly people have sầu to walk across the main street, which carries all the traffic for the caravan sites.
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to put flour, sugar, etc. through a sieve (= wire net shaped lượt thích a bowl) lớn break up large pieces

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