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Minstall is a local module installer, intended to be used as postinstall-script.


Let"s say you have sầu the following modular ứng dụng, & run npm install on it:

my-modular-app├── modules│ ├── database│ │ ├── index.js│ │ └── package.json │ └── tasks│ ├── index.js│ └── package.json ├── index.js└── package.json The problemsYour local modules (database & tasks) wouldn"t work, because their dependencies are missing.To require your modules, you would need lớn either npm-links them, or use a ./modules/-prefixThe solutionMinstall installs the necessary dependencies to the root-node_modules, và symlink the modules there.After running npm install with minstall as postinstall, the structure looks lượt thích this:

my-modular-app├── modules│ ├── database│ │ ├── index.js│ │ ├── node_modules│ │ │ ├── lodash -> ../../../node_modules/lodash│ │ │ └── mongoose -> ../../../node_modules/mongoose│ │ └── package.json│ └── tasks│ │ ├── index.js│ │ ├── node_modules│ │ │ └── lodash -> ../../../node_modules/lodash│ │ │ └── database -> ../../database│ │ └── package.json├── node_modules│ ├── lodash│ ├── minstall│ └── mongoose├── index.js└── package.jsonAll modules work, because their dependencies are presentconflicting dependencies end up in the associated modules, not in the rootModules can be required directly, because they are symlinkedrequire("./modules/database") -> require("database")The installation is faster and smaller, because dependencies are only installed once


install with npm install minstall --saveadd it as postinstall-script to lớn your package.json:modules-folder is optional, & defaults to lớn modules if omitted

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"postinstall": "minstall "


Minstall knows the following flags:

--no-liên kết prevents minstall from linking the local modules to lớn the root-node_modules--link-only makes minstall go through the linking-process only, without installing anything--cleanup makes minstall remove sầu all node_modules-folders before installing dependencies (this is forced for npm5)--dependency-check-only makes install print the dependency-kiểm tra only, without touching any files or installing anything--assume-local-modules-satisfy-non-semver-dependency-versions (aka --trust-local-modules) makes minstall assume that a local module satisfies every requested version of that module that is not valid semver (like github-urls và tag-names)--logcấp độ sets the logcấp độ (error, warn, info verbose, debug, silly)

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