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Total War: Shogun 2 is still widely considered by many khổng lồ be one of the best Total War games out there.

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While most Total War releases focus on expanding scopes và basically making everything larger & more epic, Shogun 2 took the opposite approach.

The Creative sầu Assemble got back to lớn their roots, revisiting 16th century nhật bản – which was also the setting of the very first Total War title.

Whether you’re new khổng lồ the series or a veteran looking to revisit an old classic, these mods are genuinely must-try add-ons for your next Shogun 2 playthrough.

20. Extended Camera Minimod


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To start off, here’s a simple quality of life gian lận that’s an easy install.

It has become a necessity for pretty much any RTS game, and Total War: Shogun 2 is no different.

The Extended Camera Minithủ thuật makes things just a bit easier lớn manage và see as you play, especially in a game of this scale.

It lets you zoom the camera out a bit more, making it easier lớn get that macro view of all the units you have sầu deployed. Of course, you’ll also be getting a better view of the terrain and battlefield, so it’s easier to plan out your next moves.

19. Shogun 2 Overhaul Project


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Let’s be honest, Shogun 2 isn’t really a new game. And while the graphics were pretty impressive for its time, we’ve moved forward.

Like, a lot.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a better-looking Shogun 2! All you’ll need is this Shogun 2 Overhaul thủ thuật.

The hack adds in HD textures, high end models, and even enhances rendering chất lượng – all while improving the game’s overall performance.

18. Daimyos & Generals MOD


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There is a good amount of scale khổng lồ this game compared khổng lồ many others.

The downside to this is that looking at copy-pasted units over & over can easily get tiring. Hold on though, as there’s a bright side here!

That also means that adding a bit of variety goes a long way. And you’ll want lớn get started updating that with a personal favorite: the Daimyos & Generals gian lận.

This gian lận is actually a compilation of many little mods, each affecting at least one of the playable daimyos in the base game.

With the mod installed, each of the daimyos will now have quality artwork, all being more historically accurate and of higher unique than the originals.

17. Furinkazan: Comprehensive sầu Art Rework


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Instead of only focusing on daimyos và generals, Furinkazan actually aims khổng lồ provide each unit, agent, and historical character their own quality portrait.

The gian lận basically takes artwork from a different, more obscure historical simulation game, và then “transplants” them onto lớn Shogun 2.

This is also a great way to make your experience more immersive sầu, as the hack adds a touch of personality to lớn each of the characters.

16. FoTS Tactics and Uniforms


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On the topic of immersion, there are tons of mods out there lớn help with that.

Basically making Shogun 2’s realism & accuracy even better than in vanilla.

FoTS Tactics & Uniforms is a variety mod that helps with realism too, adding tons of different variations to unit appearances.

The tiniest details are changed in the mod to add more head variations, as well as different armor, trousers, & unikhung options lớn much of the units in the game.

The designs found here were actually based on the historical book “Japanese Military Uniforms 1841-1929” by Nakanishi Ritta.

So that should be an added bonus if historical accuracy is your thing.

15. Invisible Battle UI


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Another great immersion gian lận – the Invisible Battle UI by yobi_uk.

This was actually inspired by an older one from popular Shogun 2 modder BullGod, but that one seems to have been discontinued (as of this writing).

In any case, this one works just as well! It removes many of the messy UI elements from the battle menus.

Not only does this make combat more immersive sầu by keeping your attention on what’s happening, but it also makes the remaining details much easier khổng lồ understand.

It goes for a more minimalistic look overall, giving you a much cleaner UI lớn work with.

14. New Japanese Speech Fix Mod v1


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Visuals aren’t the only aspect that affect immersion.

Though more often overlooked, sound plays just as big a part in giving you the most authentic Total War experience.

With that, you might want to give sầu the New Japanese Speech Fix a shot.

Modder Wind noticed some errors in the Japanese recordings spoken by some of the units. So he took it upon himself khổng lồ replace them with more accurate sound files.

While you might not even speak Japanese, having this installed will at least make the game’s audio more accurate.

13. GBJ Blood Mod: The Samurai Blood


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While there’s much to lớn vị and explore in Total War games, one of the biggest aspects of any title in the series is always battle.

Even outside of playable campaigns, many Total War fans enjoy staging large-scale battles with some friends. Just to be able to play around with everything the games have sầu to lớn offer.

Well battles look just a bit more intense with the GBJ Blood Mod: The Samurai Blood thủ thuật by Apis in Memphis.

This thủ thuật replaces blood textures to lớn make blood on both units và other surfaces look much more realistic. Vanilla can’t touch this!

12. One Turn Retìm kiếm Mod


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One thing that isn’t well-suited for everyone when it comes to Total War is speed: basically how these games are paced.

Some might find the pacing a bit too slow. Others prefer to lớn prolong their playthroughs khổng lồ get the most of each campaign.

In any case, there are mods that can help with whatever you prefer.

One Turn Retìm kiếm is a good example of that, reducing research completion times to just 1 turn.

This makes the game move sầu along much faster, as it’ll take much less time khổng lồ advance through the tech tree.

11. 3 Skill Points per General Level


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3 Skill Points per General Level is similar to the previous gian lận, but it addresses how generals màn chơi up throughout your playthrough.

And you can probably guess from the title, your generals earn 3 skill points for every màn chơi they gain.

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This differs from the original 2 skill points given on levels 2, 3, và 4 in the vanilla version – making it possible to lớn gain a max of 15 skill points instead of the original 12.

Enough math though. This isn’t school!

The mod basically lets you get more upgrades for your generals overall, with some given at a faster rate as well.

10. Lakeside Castle


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Another great way khổng lồ exp& your Shogun 2 experience is playing through some of the custom maps that the community has created throughout the years.

Lakeside Castle is a great example of a map that would be tons of fun khổng lồ play around with, especially if you’re playing with friends.

The maps features a beautiful green terrain with a sprawling mountain range for a backdrop.

What makes this interesting is that there’s only one large castle at the foot of the mountain, which you’ll obviously be tasked with defending against attacking armies.

9. Expanded Japan


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If none of your friends are interesting in playing Shogun 2, don’t worry.

There are custom maps that can make your solo chiến dịch better as well.

The Expanded Japan bản đồ mod expands the vanilla maps, adding some historical provinces và factions that weren’t included in vanilla.

All-in-all, the hack adds 97 new regions và over 100 new factions, giving you much more khổng lồ explore.

Changes have been made khổng lồ some of the existing regions in favor of historical accuracy as well, so that in itself should be enough lớn give you a different Shogun 2 experience.

8. Additional Units Mod – Shogun (AUM-SHO)


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As with any other Total War game, there’s loads of fun to lớn be had in Shogun 2 by exploring the many additional units available through modding.

The AUM-SHO pack is one of the most popular, allowing you to lớn maximize over trăng tròn new units in the game.

The units are a mixure of new additions as well as unlocked units, while some even feature added abilities making combat even more dynamic than before.

And that’s not all you get from the pack! It also includes a few new ships to lớn play around with as well.

7. DarthMod: Shogun II


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You might eventually get tired of all the smaller mods you’ve sầu tried. You may wnat something a bit more expansive sầu.

If that’s the case, you’re going lớn need an overhaul thủ thuật – & lucky for you, there are a bunch for Shogun 2.

DarthMods have become (arguably) one of the most popular thủ thuật types in the entire Total War series. And Shogun 2 has its own version as well.

Other than integrating a couple of graphics mods & gameplay changes, DarthMods are typically known for their AI improvements too.

If you’re looking for a more challenging playthrough, DarthMod is a good place lớn start.

You’ll find the enemy AI isn’t as easy to outsmart throughout your chiến dịch. They might even catch you off guard every now and again if you’re not careful.

6. Zen


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Zen is another popular Shogun 2 thủ thuật, and is the first of the two realism overhauls on this danh mục.

As explained by the team:

“Zen is an overhaul which attempts to lớn create a more historically accurate unit roster for both comtháng and clan specialty units, as well as rebalance all units so that each has a distinct purpose, as was the case with the original Shogun.”

Many units have been tweaked khổng lồ make each of them stand out more in battle, so you’ll be forced lớn try new strategies lớn figure out what works best with these fancy-shmancy updated stats.

5. Realism +


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Realism+ is another great mod for a more realistic playthrough, making some major tweaks to lớn existing Shogun 2 systems in favor of realism & immersion.

It makes battles feel more real by making them longer, allowing the hack lớn showcase some of the chất lượng battle animations it offers.

There are a lot of rebalances implemented in the chiến dịch as well, covering everything from building stats lớn cultural influences.

Overall, Realism+ tries to find a balance between realism and engaging gameplay.

You’re sure lớn get a unique experience here either way.

4. Ultimate Immersive sầu Mod


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Ultimate Immersive Mod is another great overhaul option, & is a wonderful starting point if you just started playing Shogun 2 for the first time.

As explained by the modder himself, Ultimate Immersive sầu wants you to have sầu an immersive experience.

But it doesn’t want khổng lồ overcomplicate things so that anyone could get inlớn.

The hack combines a number of different smaller ones, including 12 Turns per Year, Expanded nhật bản Map, Diplomacy Tweaks, and Alternate General Skills Tree lớn make for a completely different campaign.

3. Radious Total War Mod – Fall of the Samurai version


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Radious has become another well-known name in the Total War modding community, & their Shogun 2 mod is one of the most popular as well.

What separates this overhaul from the rest of the paông xã is its “modular” nature, incorporating many different submods that are each toggleable.

This allows you lớn create your own quality Shogun 2 experience.

Installing the gian lận as a whole will give sầu you access to a host of different options, each of which you’ll be able khổng lồ enable or disable depending on your preferences.

So dive sầu in & have some fun!

2. The Rights of Man 3 – Road to lớn Kyoto lớn (TROM3)


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TROM is yet one more popular overhaul thủ thuật that offers its own unique take on the Shogun 2 chiến dịch.

As with similar mods, TROM introduces some new units, battle mechanics, buildings, và even technologies for you to lớn discover & explore.

Other aspects touched on here include improved AI & battle mechanics, with the goal of improving your overall gameplay experience without really changing much of the vanilla version.

What sets this gian lận apart is the extended timeline, as the chiến dịch now runs lớn 1940!

You’ll be staring at a computer screen for weeks on kết thúc just to lớn finish this one.

1. Master of Strategy


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Taking the top of our list is Master of Strategy.

MoS is one of the most expansive sầu overhaul mods you can get for the game.

It will drastically change your playthrough by adding a number of changes lớn make systems và typical battle mechanics even more complex than before.

The thủ thuật also features an extended maps, tons of new units, buildings, battle stats, và a completely revamped tech tree as well.

Shogun 2 will absolutely feel lượt thích a completely new game with MoS installed. And you’ll be spending just as much, if not more time, discovering everything it has to lớn offer.