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TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language và is used lớn describe courses và the industry as a whole. It"s also your ticket to the world!

A TEFL course is lượt thích a short university course that allows employers to see you have sầu the required knowledge and skills khổng lồ to lớn be a competent English teacher so you can successfully get a teaching job.

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The great thing is you don"t have lớn have studied for years và lớn get a degree in education to lớn teach abroad! You can teach abroad in most countries with a bachelor"s degree in any subject & a TEFL và there are countries where you don"t need a degree at all.



This 1đôi mươi hour accredited TEFL course will equip you with the skills, knowledge and certificate needed lớn get a job and start earning an income teaching English abroad or online.

A great option to get TEFL certified right now, in your spare time, from home và at your own pace.


50+ Video Training Lessons

10+ hours of đoạn phim recorded training footage - including the recorded training sessions from our in-person TEFL course (valued at $1450) và classes with real students.


Online Live sầu Training Sessions

2x per week online live sầu training sessions from our trainer with a Masters in Education from Harvard. Join as many or few as you lượt thích to practice your teaching skills và get personalized feedbaông xã.


Accredited TEFL Certificate

Your 1đôi mươi hour accredited TEFL certificate will be sent khổng lồ you with international shipping included at no extra charge. You"ll also receive a digital version on completion of the course.

Network Of 100s Of Schools

Get access to lớn our updated network of 100s of schools around the world and online teaching companies lớn secure employment.

Teach English Online Course

Get access lớn our teach English online short course that prepares you to lớn teach English online & get a job.

Private Community

Join our exclusive sầu community of alumni to make connections with like-minded individuals & get direct access khổng lồ our experienced team for support.

Our Online TEFL Course has been accredited by ACCREDITAT, an international accreditation toàn thân. This means our course has been assessed against internationally recognised standards khổng lồ demonstrate the competence, impartiality & performance capability of the course. Learn more here.

Module 1: Introduction to The Course và Teaching ESL

Module 2: Getting khổng lồ Know Your Learners

Module 3: Foundations of Lesson Planning

Module 4: Giving Effective sầu Instructions

Module 5: Teaching Vocabulary và Pronunciation

Module 6: Teaching Grammar

Module 7: Teaching Listening and Speaking

Module 8: Teaching Reading và Writing

Module 9: Classroom Management

Module 10: Career Readiness

- 1.5 hours of video clip training modules on how to teach English online.

- 5 đoạn Clip case studies from teachers about the online teaching company they work for with details of salary, what it"s lượt thích and tips for applying.

- A database of 100+ online English teaching schools khổng lồ apply khổng lồ và secure a job.

50+ video lessons with over 10 hours of recorded in-classroom footage.Weekly online live sầu training sessions from our trainer with a Master"s In Education from Harvard.Full personal academic tư vấn with detailed, helpful feedbachồng on your lesson plans & assignments.Hard-copy of certificate with international shipping included.Private Facebook group lớn connect with your trainers & classmates.Access lớn our network of hundreds of in-person & online schools.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We"re confident our course is of the highest chất lượng và we"re willing to lớn put our money where our mouth is. If you are not satisfied with course just let us know within the first 30 days (as long as you haven"t progressed through more than 50% of the content) we"ll send you a full refund.

In-Person Programs

Our in-person programs are complete relocation và job placement packages that help you with everything you need lớn move abroad and start getting paid to lớn teach English.

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Vietnam Programs

For those with a completed bachelor"s degree in any subject.

ON HOLD: enrollments on our Vietphái nam Program & Vietphái mạnh Fast Traông xã are currently suspended until travel restrictions to lớn Vietnam giới are lifted.

Vietnam TEFL Course

4 week in-person 150 hour TEFL course in Vietphái mạnh with placement in paid teaching English job. Upgrade from our online TEFL course at a discounted rate.

Vietphái mạnh Fast Track

2 week In-country orientation, practical teaching hours, and job placement assistance in Vietphái mạnh for those who have sầu completed a TEFL certification.

Cambodia TEFL Course

4 week in-person 140 hour TEFL course in Siem Reap, Cambodia with placement in a paid teaching job for those that haven"t completed a TEFL.

Cambodia TEFL Extension

2 week in-country orientation in Siem Reap, practical teaching hours & job placement in Cambodia for those who have completed a TEFL certification.

Bali, Indonesia Programs

For those with a completed bachelor"s degree in any subject.

ON HOLD: with the the current spike in cases these programs are currently on hold.

Bali TEFL Course

4 week in-person 140 hour TEFL course in Bali, Indonesia with placement in a paid teaching job for those that haven"t completed a TEFL.

Bali TEFL Extension

2 week in-country orientation in Bali, Indonesia, practical teaching hours and job placement for those who have sầu completed a TEFL certification.

About Ninja Teacher

Nin-Ja Teacher was founded in 2013 and has grown to lớn be a leading TEFL education company. We train và graduate over 100 English teachers per year through Ninja Teacher Academy and help them lớn secure employment teaching English in countries around the world or online.

Based in Vietnam giới, we are a team of expats và locals who all have experience in the teach abroad industry, offer the highest quality training through our TEFL courses & have a personal, supportive community of team members and alumni. We are also partnered with some of the top schools around the world, who know us for our high unique of training, in order lớn secure employment for our graduates.

Alex Stevenson

Founder và Director

Bachelor"s in Psychology

Cambridge CELTA in Teaching

Alex has over 7 years of experience in the teach abroad industry in Asia, teaching in countries such as Korea and Vietnam giới. He then went on lớn found Nin-Ja Teacher Academy to lớn help others start their own teach abroad experience.

Claire Lee

Head Trainer

Master"s In Education from Harvard University

California State Teaching License

Claire is a professionally-licensed English teacher in the US. She has over 7 years of teaching, curriculum development, & teacher training experience.

Mirandomain authority Houchens

Enrollment Manager

Bachelor"s in Psychology

TESOL Certification in Teaching

Miranda is Nin-Ja Teacher"s Enrollment Manager, và also conducts the Career Readiness module. She"s here lớn answer any questions you have about getting started, and lớn assist you in securing employment after the course.

Chi Nguyen

Schools Network Manager

Bachelor"s in International Business

Teaching Assistant Experience

Chi manages our network of schools khổng lồ set up practical teaching classes, observations, and lớn help phối you up with jobs after your training. She"s also your go-to person for translation and all things student-tư vấn.

"I did the April TESOL program with Ninja Teacher and I graduated in May. I now have sầu a job và really loving Vietnam! I would say Nin-Ja Teacher was very helpful to lớn me because it taught me all the bases I needed as an ESL teacher, as well as provided a community that was really helpful in starting out living my life here in Vietnam so if you"re thinking about coming here definitely kiểm tra it out!" - Anmãng cầu, Canada

"I cannot recommover it more because it helped me with literally everything... it teaches you how khổng lồ be a teacher really even if you"ve sầu never done it before... all that nervous energy of being in the classroom with foreign students was just completely swept away after doing this course. I met some great friends and all the staff have been so helpful... If you want khổng lồ be an EFL teacher in Vietphái nam I think Ninja Teacher is the best way to lớn start! - Ruby, Australia

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