Off You Go Là Gì

I came across the phrase off you go which has been frequently used in many movies.

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Especially, the movie John Carter impressed me with this phrase.What does it mean in different scenarios/cases?



In common usage, the phrase off you go has a patronising or dismissive sầu connotation.


It is something you say to dismiss a child - Off you go khổng lồ school now or Off you go and tidy your room.Bạn sẽ xem: Off you go là gì?

It is not used in addressing a superior, a customer or in similar situations where you would not wish khổng lồ be thought of as even slightly rude.


The meaning of “off you go” is somewhat difficult for an language learner for two reasons. First, off has many meanings; second, the word order is unusual.


See:New Dictionary, volume O


"Off you go" means you can leave sầu now. Usage : If you want someone to go away or go home, especially a kid but not in a rude way lượt thích "get lost".



I have run into lớn the use of this expression with a different meaning, not having the sense of giving an order but khổng lồ indicate that someone is ready to take action


Just make sure your parachute is properly setup and off you go! - In this case it means you are all set

I heard this idiom being used by one of the judges in Britain"s Got Talent. It signalled the candidate to start his performance.

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I think it is important lớn note that it is dismissive sầu, you wouldn"t say it to lớn someone like a customer or trùm, you might say it lớn a child or you might say it in jest lớn a friover. Also it is not really used in the US, it is an expression.


I have sầu seen off you go being used in two ways:


As a casual dismissal message.

"OK, we"re all done. Off you go."

As a way of saying one can start something (lượt thích a speech or a presentation).

"Are you ready to start?"


"Okay, off you go!"

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