Must-read: This tutorial may not be the only way khổng lồ install Office 2019, but it is the most widely used & lowest-error installation method. If you encounter any errors during the installation process, please kiểm tra the configuration yourself for errors. If it is because of a system problem: for example, GHO of a certain wind or GHO system of the system trang chủ, please reinstall the lathử nghiệm version of the original Windows using the ISO image. If the installation procedure caused by using 360 Security Guard & Computer Manager, Kingsoft Internet Security, etc. is not working properly or the activation is wrong, please solve the problem yourself & bear all possible consequences.

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Step 1: Uninstall an existing Office

Go to lớn Apps and Features (Settings) khổng lồ uninstall all Office products.


Step 2: Install Office

1. Online installation

Office Suite must select ** ProPlus2019Volume**, the hàng hóa can decide whether to lớn choose khổng lồ install Visio or Project according lớn individual circumstances. If you need khổng lồ install, please select the corresponding hàng hóa ID as shown in the figure, otherwise Please leave sầu this option blank.

The channel is shown as PerpetualVL2019. The architecture can be selected according khổng lồ the needs, if not required, the mặc định x86 can be. The application is selected on demand & the language is selected on dem&. If it is not phối, please mix it as shown in the figure to install the Simplified Chinese version of Office 2019, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel.

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2. Offline installation

As shown in the figure, please select PerPetualVL2019 for the channel. Please select the architecture và language as required. Other options are available by mặc định.

If the download is in error, you can try replacing the tải về engine.

After the tải về is complete, please follow the online installation method for offline installation. chú ý that the installation method will automatically become offline installation. Do not change this option.

Step 3: Activate Office 2019 Volume

**Note: This activation method is a 180-day 7-day cycle activation. In the case of networking, you don"t have sầu to worry about activation expiration or manual renewing. ** selectionOffice 2019 Volume Certificate and cliông chồng the Install License button. Once the installation is complete, please return to lớn this page.

Enter the KMS address in KMS Management & cliông chồng the Set Server button. After the setting is completed, please return to this page.
Then click on the activation button, Office 2019 will try lớn activate, after the activation is successful, you should see the following results:

KMS server address Daquan

Show Office 2016 solutions after activation is complete

The first step: uninstall the key