Which preposition should I use “on” or “at” in sentence above sầu or Does both have the same meaning?


according to the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English :(for) the first/second/last etc time. for example:

Gerry had just had baông xã surgery for the third time in two years.

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I realized him for the first time I enter the room.


I don"t know what you"re trying to say, but I"m guessing it"s this:

I realized it was hyên ổn the first time I entered the room.

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The phrase "I realized it was him" ttheartinpixels.coms you what happened and the phrase "the first time I entered the room" ttheartinpixels.coms you when it happened. No preposition should be used here.


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Difference between “in”,“on”,“as” và “when” to mean “at the same time”

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