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Only 12% of campaigns run for less than a week. That allows plenty of time for on-the-go learning to lớn emerge. Letting learning from the previous mailing khổng lồ inkhung the next one turns a series of messages inlớn a managed conversation over time.

What does "on the go" mean here?



I think "on-the-go learning" is similar khổng lồ "on-the-job learning" in the context of the OP"s quoted sentence. You learn something while you are doing the job or while you are on your way to lớn some place.

I found another example of the term.

Parents – Ideas for On-the-Go Learning

Teachable moments are everywhere! You can often help your child sharpen important skills by integrating lessons with everyday activities. Walk down the sidewalk, peek into lớn kitchen cupboards or see highway signs with fresh eyes. Cheông xã baông xã often for new ideas.

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