PTE Patch 5.0 Updates

All winter transfers done (imported from the live update), including the created teams (Bundesliga & Others Europe). 5 new teams (Other European): KAA Gent, Panathinaikos, Steaua Bucuresti, Sparta Praha & APOEL 2 new national teams: Indonesia and Malaysia (in Asia continent). New Updated accessories for all Bundesliga players and for some players from other leagues. Updated stadium names & team colors for all european & south american teams. Some New kits: Leganes, Atalanta, Olympique Lyonnais, Monateo & Dortmund. New faces added, including: Ndidi, Upamecano, Vallejo. New boots added: Adidas xanh blast paông xã leather và primeknit versions. Other Boots: Vapor, Opus & Phinish versions for the lademo Nike paông xã, Under Armour Spotlight. Added New balls, including: Adidas argentum AFA 2017, Nike Ordem4 CBF, evonguồn 2.1 Match Serie B. Added “Nationals Anthem”s for all default National Teams. All managers updated (based on live updates). Data Paông xã 3.0 New Legends unlocked. Lathử nghiệm Live Update of PES 2017 implemented. Compatible online (Don’t forget khổng lồ apply the Online Mode in the PTE Patch selector). Compatible with the lathử nghiệm KONAXiaoMI Data Paông xã 3.0 and version 1.04.

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PTE Patch 5.0 PES 2017 tải về và install on PCPTE Patch 5.0 (PES 2017)

Chechồng this Facebook links to watch screenshots of the new kits và faces that are added in the PTE Patch 5.0: PTE Facebook links.

New stadium pack will be released in the next days.

Download PTE Patch 5.0

To download the PTE Patch 5.0 you need lớn choose first between Zippycốt truyện (12 liên kết each links is 200 MB) or Mega liên kết (4 link each liên kết is 500 MB). Mega link are usually for people who don’t have Internet Download Manager (IDM), và Zippymô tả liên kết are for people who have IDM. To download IDM check the tải về liên kết below (30 days trial).

You need to open the links và wait 5 seconds (you will see the timing in top right corner of the browser), and then you click on “Skip Ad”. you keep doing the same every time until you reach the Download liên kết of the PTE Patch 5.0 .

► PTE Patch 5.0 Download Links:

▷ 1 Mega Link 1▷ 2 Mega Link 2▷ 3 Mega Link 3 ▷ 4 Mega Link 4


▷ 1 Zyppicốt truyện Link 1 ▷ 2 Zyppicốt truyện Link 2 ▷ 3 Zyppishare Link 3 ▷ 4 Zyppichia sẻ Link 4▷ 5 Zyppigiới thiệu Link 5 ▷ 6 Zyppitóm tắt Link 6▷ 7 Zyppishare Link 7 ▷ 8 Zyppicốt truyện Link 8▷ 9 Zyppitóm tắt Link 9 ▷ 10 Zyppinói qua Link 10▷ 11 Zyppigiới thiệu Link 11 ▷ 12 Zyppigiới thiệu Link 12

► Download IDM ( 30 days FREE Trial)

If you can’t access Adfly or Mega liên kết, then read my article here khổng lồ fix it: How to Unblochồng và Fix Adfly và Mega.

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Install PTE Patch 5.0

To install the PTE Patch 5.0 for PES 2017, please follow my YouTube Tutorial below very carefully khổng lồ avoid errors. If you face any error please try installing again the PTE Patch 5.0 following my đoạn Clip steps and carefully read the texts written in the đoạn Clip below:

PTE Patch 5.0 Offline/Online Modes

The PTE Patch 5.0 is compatible with both Offline và Online Modes. You need to lớn run the PTE Patch 5.0 Selector as Administrator và then clichồng on “Patch Modes”. So If you want khổng lồ play with full Bundesliga and new added teams (like Bayern), then you must activate the “Offline” mode then clichồng “Apply”. And If you want lớn play with Classic Legends players and sign them lớn ML, then you must activate “Offline Classic”.

For Online Mode, it is available only for Original (Steam) games. If you want to lớn play friendly Online matches with correct logos & kits then activate “Online Licensed”. But if you want lớn play “myClub” online matches with PTE Patch 5.0 then you must activate the “Online Default” mode. Because “Online Licensed” doesn’t find opponents in myClub online.

You should always turn off “Live Updates” as i showed in the tutorial video clip above. If you don’t turn off “Live sầu updates” then you can’t play with added teams lượt thích “Bayern Munchen” in PTE Patch 5.0 or previous versionss.

PTE Patch 5.0 Gameplay

I recorded an offline Exhibition match using the new PTE Patch 5.0 for PES 2017. I played with “Manchester United” against “FC Barca” in the “Old Traford” Stadium (using the PTE Stadiums Paông chồng 1.0 ). Also i used Chants Pachồng by Mauri_d , Chelsea Graphic Menu và Tattoos Pack 349 by Hau Armani  for PTE Patch 5.0. I hope you will enjoy the match highlights below:

► Credits:

Konangươi, PTE Patch 2017 – mota10 – stavrello7 – NemanjaBRE – Sami Ze, Del Choc, PES Logos, RJquảng cáo, zlac, Jenkey, Fruits, -InMortal-, cRoNoSHaCk, Maritimo, 4N63L, ZAHIN, GgBlues, sortitoutyêu thích (managers mini faces), davfanpes, Sarjono, supalids, sxsxsx, Dannythebest, Hawke, Wygno, maxi534, A.Mussoullini, Sameh Momen, Txak, majuh, DrDoooMuk, klashman69, Tasci, mckagan22, PantelG7, Bono Facemaker, AM, MarioMilan, HD3011, everest, rednik, Steet facemaker, kairzhanov, Tunizizou, vangelis, agiga, znovik, carrasco1live sầu, Kolia, Buffon99, danyy77, VirtuaRED, Tote_Alkor, El Shaarawy, juaniyo, Rednik, Wens, danyy77, chosefs, Al AMiR, matservant, Neto lớn Souza, Team PES MX, Kanat, Zaxisjr, Andy Winawan, Humberkhổng lồ Guillén.

This is the PTE Patch Blog link: – Frequently Asked Questions – F.A.Q. – About PTE Patch. Special thanks for PTE Patch team for this first amazing PTE Patch 5.0 for PES 2017. If you find any error please report it khổng lồ PTE Team trang web (liên kết above).

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