The Effects Of Pulling An All

See how khổng lồ pull of an all-nighter the right way, without totally wrecking your week. Award-Winning Mattresses 15,000+ nhận xét Shop Our Mattresses Everyone knows it’s best not khổng lồ procrastinate in…



Everyone knows it’s best not khổng lồ procrastinate in the first place, but sometimes things happen. If you find yourself needing to lớn pull your first all-nighter since college, we’ve researched how to lớn make the most of your time và minimize the effects of missing valuable sleep.

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Ideally, you’d begin fully rested from the night before. Also, know that it’s probably better lớn just get some sleep and wake up extra early lớn get your work done (unless you’re anight owlVerified SourceNational Library of Medicine (NIH)World’s largest medical library, making biomedical data & information more accessible.View source). If you absolutely must power through the night though, try these steps khổng lồ pull an all-nighter like a truly responsible, functional adult.

Have sầu a goal & a plan of action.

Pulling an all-nighter is hard on your toàn thân, so if you are going lớn vì it, this is one time you don’t want lớn procrastinate. Make a clear outline of what you need khổng lồ accomplish tonight, and phối a couple goals.

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Maybe you need khổng lồ memorize a 10-page speech or make a 20 slide presentation tonight, so break that down khổng lồ one page or two slides per hour, for example. Setting goals will help keep you on track throughout the night so you know where you stand.

Take a caffeine power nap.

Caffeineboosts alertnessVerified SourceNational Library of Medicine (NIH)World’s largest medical library, making biomedical data and information more accessible.View source& it may seem lượt thích a no-brainer khổng lồ down Red Bull and coffee till sunrise, but too much may actually backfire. Instead, use caffeine wisely by starting your all-nighter with a caffeine power nap và using it selectively khổng lồ fight your natural drops in alertness.

Mastering the caffeine nap:

Nap a little before your normal bedtime, khổng lồ coincide with your natural peak in drowsiness.Drink a serving of caffeine right before the nap.Dyên the lights and keep cool, but just during naptime.Set an alarm for 15-30 minutes – no longer!Wake up & move sầu around, then get started on your to-vì chưng danh sách.