Sense of community là gì

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Đang xem: Sense of community là gì

sense1 S1 W1 /sens/ BrE AmE noun 1. a feeling about something sense of Afterwards, I felt a great sense of relief. A sense of panic has spread over the country. Employees need the sense of being appreciated. with a sense of something He looked around the room with a sense of achievement. sense that I had the sense that he was lying. 2. the ability to underst& or judge something sense of humour British English sense of humor American English (=the ability to understand and enjoy things that are funny) I like Pam – she has a really good sense of humour. sense of direction (=the ability to judge which way you should be going, or what your aims should be) It was dark và he had completely lost his sense of direction. sense of proportion (=the ability lớn judge what is important and what is not important) Let’s keep a sense of proportion, and not rush to any hasty conclusions. sense of justice/fairness Kids have a natural sense of justice. dress/clothes sense (=the ability to lớn judge which clothes look good) 3. one of the five sầu natural powers of sight, hearing, feeling, taste, and smell, that give us information about the things around us sense of smell/taste/touch etc She has a good sense of smell. Cats have a very axinh tươi sense of hearing (=very good, so that they can hear even the smallest sound). Combinations of flavors, textures, và color that can delight the senses. the five sầu senses (=all of the senses) ⇨ ↑sixth sense 4. when someone makes sensible or practical decisions, or behaves in a sensible practical way have sầu the sense lớn vị something (=behave in a sensible way & vày what is best in that situation) You should have had the sense to lớn turn off the electriđô thị first. there is no sense in (doing) something spoken (=it is not sensible lớn vì chưng something) There’s no sense in getting upset about it now. see sense (=realize what is the sensible thing khổng lồ do) I wish the politicians would see sense and stop the war. talk/knoông xã some sense into sometoàn thân (=try to lớn make someone behave in a more sensible way) ⇨ ↑common sense 5. make sense a) khổng lồ have a clear meaning & be easy to lớn understand: Read this and tell me if it makes sense. b) to lớn be a sensible thing to lớn do it makes sense (for somebody) lớn bởi vì something It makes sense to lớn save sầu money while you can. Would it make sense for the city authorities to further restrict parking? c) if something makes sense, there seems to be a good reason or explanation for it: Why did she bởi a thing lượt thích that? It doesn’t seem lớn make sense. make (some) sense of something khổng lồ understvà something, especially something difficult or complicated: Can you make any sense of this article? 7. the meaning of a word, sentence, phrase etc: The word ‘record’ has several different senses. Any alteration would spoil the sense of the entire poem. 8. a way in which something can be true or real in a sense/in one sense/in some senses etc (=in one way, in some ways etc) What he says is right, in a sense. The khách sạn was in no sense (=not at all) comfortable. George was a big man in every sense of the word (=in every way). This is true in a general sense. Communication, in any real sense (=of any real kind), was extremely limited. in a (very) real sense (=used lớn emphakích thước that a statement or description is true) A head of a school is a manager in a very real sense. 9. your/her etc senses someone’s ability lớn think clearly and behave sensibly – used in some expressions when you think that someone has lost this ability come khổng lồ your senses (=to start to think clearly and behave sầu sensibly again) One day he’ll come to lớn his senses & see what a fool he’s been. See if you can bring her to lớn her senses (=make someone think clearly & behave sầu sensibly). be out of your senses (=have lost the ability to think clearly và behave sensibly) Are you completely out of your senses? ⇨ take leave of your senses at ↑leave2( 10. talk sense spoken lớn say things that are reasonable or sensible – often used when you think someone has just said something silly: Talk sense! There’s no way we can afford a new car! 11. regain your senses old-fashioned to lớn stop feeling ↑faint or slightly sick • • • COLLOCATIONS (for Meaning 1) adjectives ▪ a strong/great sense of something He had a svào sense of responsibility. ▪ a real sense of something (=a svào feeling) Children need to lớn feel a real sense of belonging. ▪ a deep sense of something (=a very strong feeling) He felt a deep sense of disappointment. ▪ a growing sense of something (=becoming stronger) She looked around with a growing sense of unease. ▪ a vague/slight sense of something (=not very strong) There was a slight sense of embarrassment. verbs ▪ feel/have a sense of something I felt a great sense of pride. ▪ give sầu somebody a sense of something The job gave sầu her a sense of control over her life. ▪ convey a sense of something We want to lớn convey our sense of excitement lớn the audience. phrases ▪ a sense of relief/panic/guilt etc We reached the medical centre with a sense of relief. ▪ a sense of purpose/direction (=a feeling that you know what you are trying lớn achieve) Becoming a mother had given her a new sense of purpose. ▪ a sense of urgency (=a feeling that something is urgent) The rescuers felt a real sense of urgency now. ▪ a sense of responsibility/duty (=a feeling that you must vì something because it is right) Parents try lớn give their children a sense of responsibility. ▪ a sense of loss (=a feeling of sadness for someone or something you no longer have) Many women experience a sense of loss when their children leave trang chủ. ▪ a sense of achievement/satisfaction (=a feeling that you have sầu achieved something good) Even a small success gives a sense of achievement. ▪ a sense of security (=a feeling that you are safe) A laông xã of trust in the parents can undermine the child”s sense of security at trang chính. ▪ a false sense of security (=a feeling that you are safe, which is not actually true) They were lulled into lớn a false sense of security. ▪ a sense of identity (=a feeling of knowing who you are and how you belong to lớn a community) Change can threaten our fragile sense of identity. ▪ a sense of belonging (=a feeling that you belong to lớn a group) The organization tries lớn foster a sense of belonging through these social events. ▪ a sense of occasion (=a feeling that an event is special or important) It was a marvellous day and there was a real sense of occasion. • • • COLLOCATIONS (for Meaning 2) phrases ▪ a sense of humour British English, a sense of humor American English (=the ability to lớn laugh & enjoy things that are funny) A good teacher needs a sense of humour. ▪ a sense of fun (=the ability to lớn enjoy yourself and make things fun) What I liked about Maria was her sense of fun. ▪ a sense of direction (=the ability khổng lồ judge which way you should be going) The place was completely dark và I lost all sense of direction. ▪ a sense of proportion (=the ability to lớn judge how important or unimportant something is) It’s important to lớn keep a sense of proportion. ▪ a sense of timing (=the ability to choose the right moment to lớn vị or say something) He told the story with an exquisite sense of timing. ▪ a sense of justice/fairness I appealed khổng lồ her sense of justice. ADJECTIVES/NOUN + sense ▪ a good/great sense of something He is a popular boy with a good sense of humour.

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▪ a natural sense of something (=a natural ability) She did not have sầu a natural sense of direction. ▪ a keen sense of something (=a good ability to lớn judge something) As a lawyer, he had a keen sense of the value of political connections. ▪ dress/clothes sense (=an ability khổng lồ choose clothes well) Her dress sense was faultless. ▪ business sense (=an ability to lớn make good decisions in business) Few young people have sầu much business sense. verbs ▪ have a sense of something She seems lớn have a great sense of the right thing khổng lồ say. ▪ đại bại your sense of something Come on! Have you lost your sense of humour? ▪ thua kém all sense of something He seemed khổng lồ have sầu lost all sense of proportion. ▪ keep/retain a sense of something Throughout it all she retained her sense of fun. • • • COLLOCATIONS (for Meaning 3) phrases ▪ a sense of smell/taste/touch etc We thua some of the sense of taste as we get older. ▪ the five senses We use all five senses to lớn explore the world around us. adjectives ▪ a good/keen/axinh tươi sense of something Pigs have sầu a keen sense of smell. ▪ a poor sense of something Owls & other predatory birds have sầu a poor sense of smell. verbs ▪ have a sense of something You have khổng lồ have a good sense of hearing khổng lồ play the violin. ▪ chiến bại your sense of something I think I’m losing my sense of smell. • • • COLLOCATIONS (for Meaning 8) phrases ▪ in a sense (also in one sense) The results are not terribly surprising in one sense. ▪ in some sense (also in some senses) George was perfectly right in some senses. ▪ in every sense He is lucky in every sense. ▪ in no sense (=not at all) This is in no sense a criticism. ▪ in a general/broad sense In a general sense, a rapid rate of technological change creates uncertainty. ▪ in a (very) real sense (=used to emphasise that a statement or description is true) The truth is that in a very real sense most families in Britain are not poor. ▪ in a literal sense (=according to the actual or physical meaning of words) I wasn”t suggesting that in a literal sense.II.sense2 BrE AmE verb 1. if you sense something, you feel that it exists or is true, without being told or having proof: Perhaps he sensed your distrust. sense (that) I could sense that something was wrong. sense what/how/who etc Hugo had already sensed how unhappy she was. sense danger/trouble If a prairie dog senses danger, he whistles a warning. 2. if a machine senses something, it discovers và records it: an electronic device used for sensing intruders • • • COLLOCATIONS (for Meaning 2) nouns ▪ sense danger He stiffened, sensing danger. ▪ sense trouble The other women, sensing trouble, immediately began khổng lồ edge away. ▪ sense the tension I could sense the tension in the court as the jury returned. ▪ sense sb’s presence (=be aware that someone is there) He sensed her presence, but didn’t look at her. ▪ sense sb’s fear/excitement/reluctance etc Luke paused and she sensed his reluctance to lớn continue.

▪ sense sb’s mood (=be aware of how someone is feeling) He instinctively sensed her mood và changed the subject.sensehu◎※danh tự ■giác quan liêu the five senses ngũ quan ■tri giác, cảm giác errors of sense các sự sai lạc của tri giác ■ý thức sense of responsibility ý thức trách rưới nhiệm to lớn labour under a sense of wrong bị giầy vò vị biết mình có lỗi ■tài năng phán đoán, kỹ năng thưởng thức sense of beauty năng lực hưởng thụ nét đẹp ■sự khôn ngoan; sự hoàn hảo good (common) sense lẽ thường; lương tri person of sense bạn lý tưởng, fan biết lẽ bắt buộc ■nghĩa, ý nghĩa sâu sắc these sentences vị not make sense phần đông câu này không có chân thành và ý nghĩa gì cả what you say is true in a sense về một chân thành và ý nghĩa như thế nào đó thì điều anh nói là đúng ■ý nghĩa sâu sắc, cảm xúc tầm thường khổng lồ take the sense of a meeting núm ý suy nghĩ cảm xúc phổ biến của những bạn trong cuộc họp ■hướng, chiều sense of a vector chiều của vectơ to lớn be one”s senses chất xám minh mẫn khổng lồ be out of one”s senses to take leave of one”s senses điên, ngu khổng lồ bring someone lớn his senses (xem) bring khổng lồ frighten sometoàn thân out of his senses tạo cho ai sợ hết hồn hết hồn to lớn đại bại one”s senses mất phoán đoán bất tỉnh nhân sự nhân sự to lớn talk sense nói khôn, không nói vớ vẩn nước ngoài rượu cồn tự ■thấy, Cảm Xúc, bao gồm cảm giác, tất cả cảm nhận ■(trường đoản cú Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ), (thông tục) đọc