Tổng hợp tất cả hotkey dota thường được sử dụng nhất hiện

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File: Warkey ++Author: JiaJia (YuLv)Lenguage: EnglishVersion: 6.6.111201Size: 144 KB.Filename: WarKey.exe

Warkey ++ is a utility that allows you khổng lồ custom và configure your HotKeys of your DotA inventory, as well as the skills of your heroes of DotA 1, adapting your characters lớn your best style of game, in order to get a better an performance & efficiency during your matches.
The program supports the lathử nghiệm version of warcraft 3, và DotA maps such as DOtA 6.88w9.4, the latter very popular in the online platform RGC (Ranked Gaming Client).The program has a very intuitive environment that does not affect the chat system (it can automatically disable the program when typing) & its simplicity makes it a very easy to lớn use HotKey, it also supports a variety of gaming platforms, such as Garena, RGC, PvPGN Servers, Battle.net, among others.


– Show/Hide Ally & Enemy HP. Bars– Disable Keyboard Windows Key– Custom Quichồng Chat messages– Custom DotA Skills– Custom DotA Inventory (Items)– Tworks with the maps DotA 6.88×3, 6.88w9, 6.88v7, DotA 6.88v3, 6.88u, DotA 6.85k và others maps.– Works with Garena, RGC & other platforms.– Supports Warcraft III The Frozen Throme 1.28, 1.27b, 1.27a and lachạy thử versions.

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some images of the utility program…




Download Warkey

Cliông xã on the links khổng lồ download…


– Unzip the downloaded file…

– Copy WarKey.exe pháo file in your main warcraft folder…- Run the WarKey.exe pháo file as administrator (right-click, and clichồng “Run as administrator”)…- The program’s icon now appears in the clochồng bar.

– cliông chồng it with the right mouse button, select “Main Interface”, & custom your hotkeys.

– For custom your Dota Inventory, select the “Main” menu…

– check the box “Change Keys”, và select your customkeys favorite, ALT + Q/W/A/S/Z/X or ALT + Q/W/E/A/S/D, now check the box “Activate Warkeys++” and, click on “Hide”.


– If you wanna Customize you DotA Skill, select the “Macro Keys” thực đơn, và Customize your Hotkeys, and “Hide”.