People often use this expression to emphasize that what is done is done, and nothing can change what has already started.

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Origin of The Die is Cast

This expression became popular from its Latin form, Alea iacta est. A Roman historian, Suetonius, attributed this quote lớn Julius Caesar in the year 49 B.C.

According to Suetonius, Caesar said this sentence as he entered Italy with his army. As a result of the invasion, he stated a civil war.

When he said the die is cast, he meant that it was too late to stop the war from beginning at that point. He had already disobeyed orders, và he must win the war if he wanted lớn keep his life.

Nowadays, people use it as a synonym for past the point of no return.

Examples of The Die is Cast

Here is an example of two family members using the expression while at home page.

Grandmother: Our Thanksgiving meal is almost finished!

Granddaughter: You didn’t make turkey, did you? Didn’t you remember that I’m allergic khổng lồ turkey?

Grandmother: You’re not allergic to turkey. You just don’t like the taste. Anyway, if you wanted something different, you should have told me earlier or helped prepare something different. Dinner is in five minutes, so the die has been cast. There’s no way to change the meal now.

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The second dialogue shows a daughter explaining why she thinks her entire life is doomed.

Father: Why are you upset?

Daughter: I failed my biology kiểm tra. Now I can never be a doctor.

Father: It’s just one bad grade. You got A’s on all your other tests & assignments. This grade should have sầu a small or completely insignificant impact on your ability to get inlớn a good university & eventually become a doctor.

Daughter: No, I made the decision to lớn get more sleep & study less, và this is the result. The die is cast. Nothing can change the outcome of my poor decision.

More Examples

This excerpt is about a public-private partnership.

This excerpt is about a baseball player who hasn’t had much luông xã.


The phrase the die is cast means events are already in motion & cannot be stopped.


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