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To prevent possible loss of data, Excel cannot shift nonblank cells off of the worksheet. Select another location in which lớn insert new cells, or delete data from the over of your worksheet.If you vì not have data in cells that can be shifted off of the worksheet, you can rephối which cells Excel considers nonblank. To vày this, press CTRL + End lớn locate the last nonblank cell on the worksheet. Delete this cell and all cells between it and the last row và column of your data then save.

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Job 1 is resolving the above sầu but I"m also wondering: There also appears khổng lồ be a lot of blank cells below my data. Is there anyway khổng lồ make it so my scroll bar isn"t so large on the right side?Thank you in advance.

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The error pretty much means exactly what it says.You have Non Empty cells at the bottom of the sheet that can"t be shifted off the sheet when you insert new rows.Even rows that "appear" blank may not actually be blank.Have you applied formats to cells that are not actually in use?To resolve sầu, highlight the row just below what you percieve sầu as your last used row on the sheet.Press CTRL + SHIFT + DOWN (you may have sầu lớn repeat this until it goes all the way khổng lồ the bottom of the sheet)Right Cliông xã - Delete (important to vì chưng this, và not just press the Delete Key on your keyboard)Then Save sầu / Cthua thảm / Reopen the book

Hi,The issue will be that you need khổng lồ delete rows & columns that you are not using but Excel is recognising that you are...........Press Ctrl+End & see where it takes you and then highlight the non-used rows between this and your data và right clichồng và delete........Repeat the process for columns........Now when you save sầu the worksheet it should now recognise the new "end" of the data.Regards,Chris

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