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USB Redirector Technician Edition requires a license for the technician. We offer licenses with monthly and yearly subscription plans. A single license can be activated on several computers. The number of customers in a license shows how many customers you will be able to lớn service at the same time. The program allows redirecting up to lớn 3 USB devices simultaneously from each customer. Customer Module is không tính tiền và can be freely distributed to lớn customers to allow them redirect their USB devices khổng lồ technician.

Why Purchase?

You can continue using USB Redirector Technician Edition the evaluation period expires! You get free tư vấn & updates! You support further development of USB Redirector Technician Edition!

Orders are handled by our partner MyCommerce Share-it! (a company by Digital River), the world"s leading e-commerce provider for software sales via Internet, they are fully FIPS-compliant and tư vấn all possible ways of payment, including Credit Cards, Wire Transfer, Chechồng, PayPal & others.

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Online order khung is secured with digital certificate from DigiCert, the world"s leading digital identity protection provider, so you don"t have sầu to worry about your personal information.

Please select the type of license you need and click "Buy Now" to lớn proceed with the order:

USB Redirector Technician Edition v2 - Monthly Subscription 1 customer 2 customers 3 customers 4 customers 5 customers
$9.90/month Buy Now
$14.90/month Buy Now
$19.90/month Buy Now
$24.90/month Buy Now
$29.90/month Buy Now

USB Redirector Technician Edition v2 - Yearly Subscription 1 customer 2 customers 3 customers 4 customers 5 customers
$118.80 $99.00/year Buy Now
$178.80 $149.00/year Buy Now
$238.80 $199.00/year Buy Now
$298.80 $249.00/year Buy Now
$358.80 $299.00/year Buy Now

Is license permanent?

The license is valid for the duration of your subscription. You will get không tính tiền updates and e-mail support during this time.

How many computers I can use my license on?

It depends on whether the license is registered khổng lồ a company or a person: 1. When licensed lớn a person, you can activate the license on up lớn 3 computers that you own. If you need lớn use the program on more than 3 computers, you should purchase additional licenses. 2. When licensed to lớn a company, you can activate the license on any number of computers within one site (e.g. office, building). Separate licenses required for each site. Virtual machine is counted as a separate computer.

How the number of customers is counted?

The number of customers in a license shows how many customers you will be able lớn service at the same time. It is the total number of customers for your license. A customer is counted from the moment when you start redirecting his/her USB devices & until you disconnect all the devices.

How many USB devices I can redirect?

You can redirect up lớn 3 USB devices simultaneously from each customer.

When will I get my license?

If you pay with Credit Card, PayPal or other online payment method, you usually receive a license key immediately in your browser, a copy will be sent lớn you via e-mail. In rare cases it may take up to a few hours khổng lồ validate the payment, then the license key will be sent via e-mail. If you pay by wire transfer or kiểm tra, the license will be sent to lớn you via e-mail right after the payment clears.

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How vì chưng I activate a license?

After your order is processed, the license key will be sent to you via e-mail. You need lớn enter the license key into the program by selecting "Enter License Key" in the "Help" menu. For more information, please kiểm tra the Entering License Key section in USB Redirector Technician Edition User Manual. Note that a new license key will be sent lớn you after each renewal of your subscription. There is no need to lớn enter it again, as the program will update the license automatically. Nevertheless, you may need it for re-installation.

Will my subscription automatically renew?

Yes by mặc định. You can switch to manual renewal during the order process or via MyCommerce Account at any time. We recommover automatic renewal khổng lồ avoid service interruptions.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel the subscription at any time before the next renewal date via MyCommerce Account or by contacting our Sales Department. Also, the subscription will be cancelled automatically if payment for the subscription fails và you don"t update payment information in time.

How do I nâng cấp my license to more customers?

You can nâng cấp at any time via MyCommerce Account without interrupting your subscription. Alternatively, you can liên hệ our Sales Department and we will send you a special order link for the nâng cấp. Please make sure lớn specify your original order number và the number of customers you need.

Do you offer updates from previous versions?

Yes!We have a special update offers for those users who purchased USB Redirector Technician Edition v1: 1) If you purchased your license on September 1, 2019 or later, you are eligible for a miễn phí 1 year subscription. 2) If you purchased before September 1, 2019, you can get 70% discount for the first year of USB Redirector Technician Edition v2 subscription. From the purpose of update from V1 lớn V2, the "devices" in V1 should be direclty converted khổng lồ "customers" in V2 (e.g. "2 devices license" = "2 customers license"). V1 license remains valid after update. Please use this size khổng lồ request the update.

Do you offer enterprise licensing?

If you represent a large company và need khổng lồ license many sites, please liên hệ us via e-mail for enterprise licensing.

Do you have special offers for resellers?

If your company is a software distributor và you are interested in selling our software, please contact us for a special reseller discount and further instructions!

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