Today we are delighted khổng lồ announce the launch of Netlify Drop — the simplest way to lớn get started hosting a site on the web.

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Netlify Drop is the natural evolution of, which has been providing simple drag-and-drop website deployments for years.

Existing customers will enjoy the same ability to lớn quickly get their sites live sầu on the web, but will now also have access to the more powerful features and benefits of Netlify.

Why are things changing?

We are delighted by how many people have sầu been able khổng lồ deploy their sites with over the years, và we’re determined khổng lồ keep that process as simple as it ever was.

But we are also committed lớn providing the best possible service and features lớn our customers. By bringing into the Netlify family we will be able khổng lồ make better use of the infrastructure that builds and serves your sites, provide better service và support, & even help you make use of more advanced hosting features (if you decide later that you’d lượt thích that).

What will change?

A few things will look different. But we think you’re going khổng lồ love sầu the changes.

A new site và a new look

The bright và familiar site, with its drag-and-drop deployment page, will be replaced with a new page called Netlify Drop. Fear not, that simple process of dragging and dropping to lớn deploy will not change, but things will look a little different. You’ll also notice that will no longer be the address lớn visit — instead you’ll want to go to lớn (& we’ll redirect you, if you forget).

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No more fees lớn use a custom domain

Many customers have sầu been paying a monthly fee to lớn assign custom domains khổng lồ their sites. We are very excited lớn announce that this feature will now be free for all new và existing customers. You’ll be able lớn point your own registered domains khổng lồ your sites without paying us an additional fee.

You can even buy new domains directly from us và make the thiết đặt of new sites with custom domains easier than ever before.

Free HTTPS khổng lồ secure your sites

A feature that Netlify users have sầu been enjoying, & that we have been very keen to lớn bring to lớn all customers, is the provision of không tính tiền digital certificates for serving your sites over HTTPS.

This is an important step towards securing your site & unlocking access lớn better performance và confidence for your users.

We have partnered with Let’s Encrypt khổng lồ help us offer this automatically, & không lấy phí for all customers.

Bills & contacts

You’ll start lớn see the name vanish from emails & bills that we skết thúc you. Instead, you’ll see the name Netlify. You won’t need to lớn take any action. All of your existing account details will be maintained. But we think it’s nice to lớn know why a different name starts appearing in your inbox.

It’s just us